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  • Bioethics: The Utilitarian Theory

    Bioethics Essay Utilitarian Theory reflects consequentialism which is “a label affixed to theories holding that actions are right or wrong to balance of their good and bad consequences” (354). The general meaning for utilitarian is, the greatest good for the greatest number. In other words, “The right act in any circumstance is the act that produces the best overall result as determined by the theory’s account of value” (354). What matters is that you are getting the most out of your action.…

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  • Mozi's Utilitarianism

    The ancient philosopher Mozi inspired Mohism, similar to Western utilitarianism. Western utilitarianism calls actions to be right if they are useful for the benefit of the majority. Mozi is also known as the original consequentialist. Within his arguments for consequentialism, he proposed that to have moral reasoning in making decisions, humans must be totally impartial. Impartiality in reasoning is the concept of not having any interest in yourself when making the decision and focusing on the…

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  • Essay Of Utilitarianism

    As the great Mr. Spock said, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” This is essentially what utilitarianism is. You’re maximizing the “utility” of each of the parts of a whole. It is a form of consequentialism, which means that whether the action is justifiable or moral is dependent on the consequence of the action. This particular form of consequentialism just states that the best moral action to take would be one that maximizes utility, whether it is on an individual or group…

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  • The Super Bowl: Ethics And Ethical Issues In The NFL

    The NFL has been the center of many ethical controversies. Many of these controversies come to the forefront of media outlets around the time of the Super Bowl. Advertisements that air during the Super Bowl have been associated with many of these Super Bowl related controversies. Many companies have even been known to produce advertisements specifically for the reason of creating a situation in which their ads will disrupt the normal family oriented flow of the Super Bowl. The choice and…

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  • Realism In Eudora Welty's A Visit Of Charity

    What is realism? According to Peter Brooks, realism can take up various forms: realism as the visual, or realism as the ordinary aspects of life, or realism as the ugliest aspects of life, as long the message is conveyed. Which message? That of reality. What is reality then? “We have a thirst for reality, which is curious, since we have too much reality, more than we can bear.” (Brooks, 1). Do we in fact crave reality that much? But then as he explains, what we crave is not actually reality.…

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  • John Stuart Mill Utilitarianism Essay

    John Stuart Mill's teleological perspective of Utilitarianism, guarantees that “actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness. By happiness is intended pleasure and the absence of pain; by unhappiness, pain and the privation of pleasure.” (Mill, p.54) This ethical theory emphasizes that as reasonable beings that naturally interact and are compelled to settle on choices every day, how those choices are established—our…

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  • My Ethical Philosophy Of Governing Myself As A Professional

    My Ethical Philosophy: will consist of the following elements listed below and express how I should govern myself as a professional: • Professional and having a level of tactics • Mentor demonstrate positive role modeling • Facilitator as an overseer • Ethical practices that implement fairness • Patience and a high level of tolerance The expectations on effective ways to behave in the public sector: • By displaying respect for adults and their peers • Self-Motivated and engaged in their learning…

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  • The Canon Of Pasimony In The Discipline Of Science

    You could say parsimony refers to the concept of KISS (Keep it simple stupid). It is the idea that we should keep theories as simple and pragmatic as possible and it is an important cornerstone of the discipline of psychology and science in general. Parsimony means that if we have two competing theories we will use the simplest one. The canon of parsimony says that we should be frugal in developing theories by avoiding unnecessary concepts, again going back to the pragmatic. The idea…

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  • Utilitarianism's Maximization Of Inequality

    Section B: How these values are addressed in “Utilitarianism’s maximization of utility for all” and examine the unequal job opportunities and resource distribution? Utilitarianism Utilitarianism simply claims the maximization of the utility of the society in terms of happiness and consider a morally right act if it creates or maximize the overall happiness of the society (Kymlicka, 2002). Utilitarianism has two features which distinct it and makes it more powerful moral theory 1. Secular based…

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  • Consequentialism Is Wrong

    Consequentialism is a theory suggesting that the morality of an action is judged solely by its consequences. This is what is defined as the greater good; a decision made that would lead to further progression and would positively impact the majority of a community, from which personal satisfaction is gained. It is argued that to achieve the greater good, one must do a little wrong. Wrong is etymologically a negative of right. For an act to be deemed as wrong, it has to physically or mentally…

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