International Financial Reporting Standards

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  • Continuously Contemporary Accounting Case Study

    at length in Accounting, Evaluation and Economic Behavior in 1966. It is consistent with a large body of economics literature on money, prices, price levels and price structures, the principal of measurement theory and the common sense rules of financial calculation. Thus, a business entity's wealth is measured as the amount of unencumbered current general purchasing power…

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  • Coax Case Study

    We used the new revenue recognition standards to identify the performance obligation. In this case, CoAx’s performance obligations to CableCo are the production of 1,500 feet of fiber-optical cable for $3 a foot and delivery of the cable to the carrier. According to Deloitte’s Heads Up: Revenue Standard Finally Recognized: Boards Issue Guidance on Revenue from Contracts with Customers, “Under the ASU, a performance obligation…

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  • Usefulness And Limitations Of The Five Accounting Concept

    1. Introduction The financial statements prepared by a firm must be based on certain concept. Accounting concept is a guideline or regulation standards have been generally accepted and recognized in the processing and presentation of accounting data. The aim of concept is to ensure that financial reports were made honestly and fairly and to avoid distortion in the practice of accounting. Thus, the concept must be known to understand the accounting process. We want to discuss about meaning,…

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  • Essay Comparing Accounting Standards

    accounting standards guide the accounting and reporting of a company’s revenues, expenses, assets, and liabilities. In the accounting of non-financial assets under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Reporting Financial Standards (IFRS), there are perceived similarities and significant differences with far reaching implications in the accounting practice. Consequently, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards…

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  • Global Big Business Case Study

    withhold some of their pay or the papers themselves, making it very hard for the migrant to move jobs should conditions become unbearable. As migrants will often travel alone and be housed on-site by the company they work for, the risk of poor labour standards is high. The system is lucrative for local authorities as the migrants pay local taxes, but are not covered by local welfare benefits such as health care. As the official workers’ union is government controlled, it has no autonomous power…

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  • The Generally Accepted Auditing Standards

    Background Information The Generally Accepted Auditing Standards refers to standards that are used to audit Private Corporations (Sunder, 2010 P. 100). The standards are divided into three categories. The categories include; fieldwork standards, reporting standards as well as general standards. The general standards address the individual’s qualifications to become an auditor as well as the minimum standards for the work product. According these standards, an auditor must have adequate…

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  • Difference Between Financial Accounting And Management Accounting

    purpose of this research essay is to compare the differences between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting. In the following paragraphs, the use of International Accounting Standards (IAS’s) will be discussed as well as why accounting is important. Management accounting…

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  • IASC Standards Analysis

    In order for any corporation of standards to be able to be rigorously interpreted and devote, there must be a satisfactory impartial of implementation guidance. The IASC standards often provide less implementation guidance than U.S. Instead, they condense statements of principles to some public standards outside the United States. Also, the IASC has formatted its standards by using venture some lettering to emphasize basic requirements of the standards while spot explanative theme in normal…

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  • Essay On Segmental Disclosure

    TITLE: Segment disclosures are widely regarded as some of the most useful disclosures in financial reports because of the extent to which they disaggregate financial information into meaningful and often revealing groups. Discuss. Executive Report: Firstly, our report talks about the objectives and requirement of segmental disclosure followed by brief introduction of the four FTSE companies selected. Since, each of the four companies may have resemblances and variances on how they report the…

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  • Audit Planning Standards

    Auditing Standards Board (ASB) and became effective in 2012 helped in converging the international standards on auditing ISAs with U.S. GAAP standards. This project goal is to make the standards very similar and comparable for public, non-public and international auditors. Yet, there are some differences that still exist related to some audit requirements and language variation . One of these standards is that is considered part of the risk assessment process is “Audit Planning Standard”. The…

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