International Financial Reporting Standards

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  • The CSR Theory Of Corporate Social Responsibility

    groups: 1. financial Responsibility 2. legal Responsibility 3. moral Responsibility 4. Philanthropic Responsibility The financial Responsibility is the responsibility of a business to make money. The Legal Responsibility is the responsibility to obey the letter and the spirit of the law. The moral Responsibility is the responsibility…

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  • Current Operating Performance Concept Of Income

    theses changes relies upon the financial capital maintenance concept and thus it is consistent with it. Income is only recognized after capital has been maintained. Capital maintenance can be reached when the amount of a company's capital at the end of a period did not go below what it was in the beginning of the period. The financial capital maintenance concept has two forms: the financial capital maintenance concept and the physical maintenance concept. The financial capital maintenance…

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  • Hp Seg Case Study

    A wide international coverage that spans Asia, North America Africa, Oceania, and Europe. Hup Seng’s products have won the hearts of thousands of consumers around the world. Therefore, Hup Seng shall continue to upgrade, improve and reach new achievement of excellence…

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  • Importance And Importance Of Accounting

    Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are a group of accounting standards that are widely accepted as appropriate to the field of accounting. Accounting regulations are necessary so that financial statements are meaningful across a wide variety of businesses; otherwise, the accounting rules of different companies would make comparative analysis almost impossible. An accounting regulation is a guideline for financial accounting, such as how a firm prepares and presents its business…

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  • Woolworth's Corporate Responsibility

    In the 21st century many things have been changed to meet our modern standard of living,which has resulted to the advancements on the regulations concerning companies and social responsibilities. Companies are increasingly expected to take greater responsibility for making sustainable development in the society(Epstein J. Marc,2003). The new regulation or legislation is inline with the old argument that was made by Christopher Stone in 1975 and other philosophers, who rejected Friedman`s views.…

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  • Case Assignment, Quality Equipment Hire Ltd. (QEH)

    investment analysts to enable them to accurately reflect the financial impact of the carbon pricing mechanism in their valuation of…

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  • Swot Analysis For Coach Inc.

    decreasing multiple times during the decade. 2009 reflected a significant drop in price based on the previous years of 2006-07, while 2011-12 marked an all- time high for the company. What could be the reason(s) behind that? I will be focusing my financial analysis below on what I believe went wrong and why I feel there is room for improvement. Company Background Coach, Inc. is a leading New York design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle brands. The Coach brand was established…

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  • A Summary On Corporate Governance

    non-compliance, this is known as ‘comply or explain.’ The code sets out good practice covering issues such as board composition and effectiveness, the role of board committees, risk management, remuneration and relations with shareholders (Financial Reporting Council). The UK Corporate Governance Code was introduced due to the fact that managers often lose sight of the wellbeing of shareholders. This is known as the Principal-Agent problem or the Agency problem. Petrovic and Cerovic (2010)…

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  • An Overview Of The Fair Value Measurement Of Milton Friedman

    other securities.Companies, which are listed on a stock exchange market must comply with the stockexchange financial disclosure requirement. These companies need to follow the rules and regulations of trading in stock exchange which are forced by the government. This is an example for rules of stock exchange which are set by AASB. Fair Value Measurement This compiled Standard applies to annual reporting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2013 but before 1 July 2013. It takes into…

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  • A Career In Accounting

    Accounting is the process of keeping and maintaining financial accounts and can be traced back thousands of years. Accountants specialize in the accounting process and are needed in most industries. There are very few professions that play a more important role in business than accountants. Accounting can be broken down in subfields or different jobs and are regulated by many organizations. Both standards and ethics play an important role in protecting the best interest of a client. Accountants…

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