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  • Key Doctrines Of God Essay

    2008, p.323). The reason behind this was the apostolic preaching was focused on the good news, and not the divinity of the Holy Spirit (Powell, 2008, p. 321). On the other hand, by the fourth century after discovering that Jesus was fully divine, and if the Holy Spirit was from God, then the Holy Spirit had to be divine as well (Powell, 2008, p. 323). Then the Holy Spirit was…

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  • Ghazaltation Of The Cross Essay

    request of forgiveness was praising the Lord. Likewise, the events following hymn during the liturgy of the Word and the Eucharist maintained the notion of expressing gratitude and faith in the God and Lord Jesus Christ through the use of hymns (Holy, Holy, Holy) and prayers (Nicene Creed and Apostles’ Creed, Invitation to Prayer, Preface Dialogue). The people and the…

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  • Reflection Paper On Coffee

    disobedience and sin have become part of our world. In Exodus, Moses intercedes for the Israel nation, while in The New Testament, Jesus is our intercessor restoring relationship with God. Even though humanity still sins, we have Jesus and the Holy Spirit working in us and helping us daily to be more Christlike, so we may give glory to God through the way we live in the world and in community. Them In Exodus, God miraculously delivers the Ancient Israelites from Egypt and gives them a new…

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  • Analysis Of Spirit And Union By Clark H. Pinnock

    The question of what God’s goal is in his son’s death and resurrection stands at the forefront of Clark H. Pinnock’s chapter on Spirit and Union. Pinnock eloquently reveals the clear aim of God’s work in the world through his Spirit. He goes so far as to state, “Union with God is not peripheral to salvation but the goal” (Pinnock151). In other words, God is actively at work in the world to reestablish humanities’ “oneness” with God that has been destroyed by sin. In addition, Pinnock speaks to…

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  • Essay On Unitarian Religion

    Jesus. Many in the Millenium generation would say they are boring, nothing new or out of the ordinary. According to Torrance, "Unitarian has no doctrine of the mediator or sole priesthood of Christ, is human-centered, has no proper doctrine of the Holy Spirit, is too often non-sacramental, and can engender weariness." (20) This worship is not Jesus oriented because it produces selfishness, worry, hopelessness, and unhappiness; all the opposite of Jesus character. The Bible says that Jesus…

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  • The Trinity Doctrine Essay

    Trinity means that there is a God who has three different persons-Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In contrast, God is one with essence and one of three persons. These definitions express three important truths: 1) the Father,…

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  • Essay On Spiritual Revival

    Leadership and the quality of leaders is something that needs transforming in these present days, and the best transformation would be the result of a genuine meeting with the living and loving God. It takes real men to be willing and prepared to undergo that type of profound change and for it to be shown openly! Of course, if it is genuine and real it cannot be hidden. Over these past weeks I have been reading and studying this crucial topic of spiritual revival and renewal in the light of…

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  • The Parable Of The Ten Virgins And The Oil

    THE TEN VIRGINS AND THE OIL Let us prove this point from the Scriptures. God is a Spirit. God is also the Word. The Spirit always leads to the Word. This is even confirmed by the parable of the Ten Virgins and the Oil (Matthew 25: 1-13). Five of them were wise and five were foolish. They all took their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom. The wise took their lamps and also extra oil in a separate vessel. The foolish took their lamps but did not take extra oil with them. The…

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  • Nazianzus Hermeneutical Strategies

    The Holy Spirit is “in the category of the Self-existent” in that He is not something that was begotten in time. Nazienzus’ opponents try to suggest that the Holy Spirit is some sort of cosmic accident caused by the will of God, but this is nonsensical. How can an accident fill people like John the Baptist and Sampson to do such mighty works in the name of the Lord, yet be subverted to the role of a cosmic accident? The Holy Spirit is not simply an activity either, for the Holy Spirit “has all…

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  • In The Doctrine Of Koinonia, The Christian Torture

    Koinonia is the communion and participation of Christians whose relationships are experienced with God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and themselves, according to the Westminster Theological Dictionary. Koinonia is the Christian communion, partaking, or participation in the body of Christ. The concept of koinonia is a consistent theme that found its place in all of the doctrines learned this semester. These doctrines are Revelation, Triune God, Incarnate Christ, Creation, Sin, and the Problem…

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