History of Afghanistan

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  • Afghanistan Geography

    Afghanistan is located in south-central Asia. It is neighbored by China, Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. It is a land locked country with some lakes and rivers. Its Official name is Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It had roughly 31,822,848 people in the country in 2014. It is roughly the size of Texas, and the longest part of Afghanistan is 770 miles or 1,240 kilometer long. Most of Afghanistan is mountain. The Hindu Kush Mountains run northeast to southwest and divide…

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  • United States: A Comparison Of Pakistan Vs. America

    Many people may ponder whether living in a developed country differs from an undeveloped country. If so, one may evaluate which contrasting ideas each country presents. For example, one may look at distinctions between Pakistan and America. Instantly through a brief search, they would discover the luscious blue skies of America compared to the polluted, dark hazy sky of Pakistan. However, despite the differences in imagery, these countries are far more different than it seems. Most notably,…

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  • Imagery In I Am Malala

    Third world countries are constantly facing global controversies as time progresses through the 21st century. In one part of the Middle East, a girl named Malala sparked a movement for female education across the globe through her book, I am Malala. As Malala shares her experiences in her hometown Swat Valley, her determination for education in a restricted male dominant society developed a goal in advocating for giving education to everyone. Along with this, the event of Malala being shot…

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  • Importance Of Lennie In Of Mice And Men

    In Of Mice And Men by John Steinbeck there were two main characters George and Lennie. Lennie was a huge guy but he had no sense of what he was doing, he was retarded. George was the complete opposite of Lennie he was small and smart, Therefore George had to take care of Lennie and make sure he always stayed out of trouble. As the book progresses, more and more incidents occur Lennie doesn't do as he is told which was to stay quiet and to not get into any trouble. Lennie ends up killing multiple…

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  • The Refugee By Asif Cuurrimbhoy Analysis

    Abstract:’ The Refugee’ a one act play was written by Asif Currimbhoy.The play portrays the miserable condition of the refugees from East Bengal on hand and on the other hand the play throws ample light on the effects of the refugee problems in social life in India during 1971.Asif combines the major issues with other problems like communalism as it is also led by other issues. It suggests that one problem gives way to other problems. The present play focuses all the issues due to the influx of…

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  • Malala The Powerful Analysis

    The article, Malala The Powerful written by Kristen Lewis is about the amazing girl, Malala, who stood up for girls rights against the Taliban. Malala wanted to have an education and she enjoyed school. The Taliban came and took away the lives of many and decreased girls’ rights. They told all girls schools to close but Malala’s stayed open. She made going to school top secret by hiding all her items under her clothes. So Malala stood up and continued to stand up to the point where she got…

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  • Opium Trade

    This video describes the overarching issue of drug control policies, which define the international range of personal crime, property crime, and policy issues that are part of the pan-Asiatic drug trade. The opium trade is one of the largest dug markets in the world. The issue of personal is related to the private smuggling operations of the opium drug trade, which are an international crime. More so, there are private poppy farms that define the illegal of land to produce the drug. More so, the…

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  • The Kite Runner Theme Analysis

    Khaled Hosseini’s historical fiction novel, “The Kite Runner,” takes place in Afghanistan. Amir, a 12-year-old boy, wants to win a local kite tournament. In the end, he won the kite competition, but he witnesses the rape of his servant and friend Hassan. Amir then becomes guilt-stricken and wants Hassan to get out of his life. Then, once Amir grows up, he returns to Afghanistan on the path to redemption to get rid of his guilt and overcome his deception. One theme the story suggests is that…

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  • Literacy In Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is one of many third world countries. It is located in South Asia. Afghanistan is surrounded by other countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Its also close to the Arabian Sea. Some places have kings and queens, monarchies, and etc. Afghanistan has a president just like us. Right now their president is Ashraf Ghani. The population in Afghanistan at this time is 30.55 million. Fifty years from now the population should be 40,216,962.37. Men and…

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  • Taliban Research Papers

    start attacking bigger. Jalaluddin Haqqani became in charge of controlling the southeastern region. The Taliban would control the south. The Taliban worked out the problems with their allies Gulbuddin Hecmatyar so they could run the eastern part of Afghanistan (Pointon, 2007). In 2001 they increased the growth of them and began supplying most of the world with them. Poppies are drugs such as cocaine and heroin. After the invasion in spring, they created a 74,000 square footage farm for poppies.…

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