Malala The Powerful Analysis

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The article, Malala The Powerful written by Kristen Lewis is about the amazing girl, Malala, who stood up for girls rights against the Taliban. Malala wanted to have an education and she enjoyed school. The Taliban came and took away the lives of many and decreased girls’ rights. They told all girls schools to close but Malala’s stayed open. She made going to school top secret by hiding all her items under her clothes. So Malala stood up and continued to stand up to the point where she got letters under her door saying give up or else, she kept going. Then, she got shot through the left side of her head and made a full recovery. She did the unthinkable by facing a grave situation and standing up for girls rights.

The terrorists who
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The Taliban had told all girl’s schools to close but Malala’s father, who had owned the school Malala went to, decided not to close. This showed great courage because the Taliban could come after the people at the school and the Taliban would kill them on the spot. The text explicitly states, “What could one girl do but watch helplessly as her freedoms were taken away?... It turns out, there was something she could do. Malala possessed a weapon of her own her voice. And she would risk everything to use it.”(7) This was brave and courageous because she's risking her life by speaking up since the Taliban will come after her and make her stop or else. An example of courage on page 8 is, “In 2010, notes began appearing under Malala’s door, ordering her to give up her crusade or else. But she refused to back down,” This is especially brave because she was told to give up but she didn't which is life threatening to her and anyone who helps her speak out. Malala had stood up to them ignoring all of the threats which led to her being shot on her school bus, from there she was flown to England where she was destined to …show more content…
The war has no known time that it will end. As for Malala she was flown to a Hospital in Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, where she recovers. The bullet had fractured her skull, the bullet severely damaged her hearing, and her brain had swelled dangerously. She had multiple operations but has made an amazing recovery. She has moved to the United Kingdom, safe from the Taliban, where she has started High school. She still hadn't fully recovered by the beginning of school but she is destined to fully recover in the future. Malala has stood up for girls rights and has gone through so much for being a 15 year old girl. One of Malala’s quotes are, “Even if they come to kill me, I will tell them what they are trying to do is wrong, that education is our basic right.” - Malala

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