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  • Current Challenges And Current Issues In Health Information Technology

    Introduction Health Information Technology has been a steady growing field for the last five to seven years; especially since the implementation of the HITECH Act and new reforms of the PPACA. Many public and private organizations are utilizing information technology more and more every day to communicate with institutions and organizations in dealings with patients. With the new implementation of the electronic health records many organizations need to be able to serve as the backbone for the…

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  • Rush-Copley Case Study

    are supported and respected as a vital team whose views matter and contribution are acknowledged. Collaborative communication is a Rush-Copley hallmark and physicians, and all health care professionals work together towards a common goal and strive for teamwork at the highest level. By being aware of the changes of the health care environment…

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  • Pediatric Outpatient Facility

    The outpatient facility I am going to discuss is pediatric primary health care facilities. Pediatric primary health care is an outpatient facility that deals with the medical care of children from birth to adolescents up to 18 years old. The most important provider in a pediatric primary health care facility is the pediatrician. A pediatrician is a primary care doctor who only sees children, and specializes in the physical, emotional, and behavioral needs of children. A pediatrician does…

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  • Advantages Of Anatomical And Metabolic Imaging

    accurately registered anatomic and functional images can be acquired in a single examination Current designs constitute a CT scanner in tandem with a PET scanner, with a common patient bed for both systems. Although in most designs, the scanner appears externally to be a single device, internally there is little or no mechanical integration (Fig.12) Limitations and advantages of anatomical and metabolic imaging: Limitations of anatomical imaging include; inability to determine if a mass is…

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  • EMR Cost Benefit Analysis

    The documentation of patient care is a necessity in the modern health care system due to the importance of accurate information in determining medical care. Proper documentation not only allows health care providers to make informed decisions related to patient care, but it also serves as a reference during potential litigation. Historically, patient care was documented on physical paper charting. However, the modernization of patient care documentation has utilized computers as the primary…

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  • Meaningful Use Case Analysis

    that define the smaller steps in a process. Value case is a type of model which allows the stakeholders to identify the financial value of using a health information system. This evaluation process focuses on the lower level steps but that drive significant improvement within the healthcare organization processes as well improve the quality of health for patients. In this paper patient referrals in relation to meaningful use stage 1 and 2 will be analyzed using use case and value case. Stage 1…

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  • Evidence-Based Research In Health Care

    former Director of AHRQ, speaking at the 2005 American Medical Informatics Association on Health IT, “if (physicians) are going to avoid injuring patients—and succeed in giving them the right treatments—and spend dollars effectively—then (physicians) need the best information (they) can get about which treatments really work, and for whom. “In a word, (physicians) need the strongest foundation possible, of evidence and results in health care.” Not all applications of technology to healthcare…

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  • The Importance Of Island Health Telehealth Services

    Island Health Telehealth services connect patients with their out of town providers via video conferencing. The Island Health Telehealth team uses surveys and statistics to closely monitor the usage of Telehealth services throughout its jurisdiction. Through the weekly room utilization statistics for Campbell River and Nanaimo, it is clear that Telehealth in these locations is not being used to its maximum potential. This triggered the research question, “What do Island Health programs and…

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  • Electronic Documentation In A Healthcare Organization

    provide high-quality care for its patients. An electronic health record (EHR), as well as current health information technology (HIT) is important to a healthcare organization in order to provide care that is efficient and safer for its patients. Through accurately completing health records, implementing policies and procedures, and putting safeguards into place within the healthcare organization can improve data integrity in the electronic health records (EHR) system while helping the…

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  • Clinical Care Classification (HIPAA)

    is a number one priority within the healthcare delivery system. With the development and implementation of the electronic health record additional resources have become available to assist allied healthcare professionals ensure proper documentation of patient care and outcomes. Medical data code sets are required for data elements in the administrative and financial health care transaction standards adopted under HIPAA for diagnoses, procedures, and drugs. Under HIPAA, a code set is known to…

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