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15 November 2016 Death is something that no one can escape. The perception towards death are very different throughout historical time period. In pre-modern times, death was not something that much society thought about. Nowadays with the advancement of modern science and technology, it affected society to have a sense of hope and refusal to accept death. It’s a difficult to witness a deceased one gone at an instance, but that has not always been the case for certain society. The perception has changed with technological advancemment.There are some advantage and disadvantages with medical and technology advancement. It can potentially save lives, but it comes with an expense.
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From treating cancer and delivering babies to dealing with heart attacks, doctors have developed technology and improved techniques.An increasingly sophisticated health technology definitely does not come cheap. People have to understand that all first world national healthcare systems face a range of challenges; one of which is the ageing population. People are living longer. This means an increased health needs but the working population generating income to pay for healthcare system is reduced. So one consideration would be, is the high cost which comes with high technology economically viable for the government.While once the staff has adapted to the new way of work, there comes the next problem. It is not uncommon for a computer system to face technical errors. The health care informatics system is no exception. This problem is especially crucial in the Accident & Emergency (A&E) Department. Various departments in the hospital are interconnected by a common information system. When 1 department is down, others are affected. For example, a patient was rushed into the A&E Department. When there is an error while retrieving …show more content…
Death was more pervasive, more present, always lurking over one’s shoulder, as represented in art of the era. Church Father Ambrose of Milan, for example, propounded the notion of death as a good for the Christian, as it delivered him from life’s calamities and evils and led him to the ‘true life’5. Further to this, in the medieval literature references can be found to holy men and women with longings of a spiritual origination for their own deaths, as they represented a sweet release from this earthly world into the next, more spiritual realm of the divine where they could join their beloved Saviour. A ritual which seems arcane to us now, but was once common was the treating of death as a communal and public event, where family, neighbours and friends would gather around the bed of the dying person to pay their respects and to witness the event6.A historical view of death encompasses a review of social practices that we would be tempted to term "extreme" – the elaborate mourning rituals of the Victorian period; the erotic portrayal of death in medieval art. We might consider these practices as extreme but what they did accomplish was an acceptance of death, even a celebration of death. In contemporary

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