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  • Stop All The Clocks

    How do I Love to Stop All the Clocks “Stop all the Clocks, Cut off the Telephone” by W.H. Auden and “How do I Love Thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning are both poems that are expressing the author’s love for someone. However, with the aforementioned poems, the poets are in a different point in their experience of love. While Browning is writing for someone in that moment, Auden is writing in mourning for someone. Together, these poems show the power of love through life and after death. In…

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  • Ex Oblivione

    The Inescapable Void and Ex Oblivione No splendid paradise, no eternal torment, no divine deity; only oblivion and an inescapable void. This is H.P. Lovecraft’s Ex Oblivione prose poem’s main message, but horror enthusiasts are left wondering why he chose to convey this message in particular. Some might say that this was meant to be a work of pure fiction; a poem that does not parallel Lovecraft’s life in any way. Others might say that this poem is a commentary on Lovecraft’s beliefs on…

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  • Why The Morlocks Exist In The Time Machine

    In The Time Machine, by H.G Wells, Wells’ view of humanity is shown as the Traveler advances into the future. When he reaches the year 802,701 AD, he encounters two different species of what seem to be the humans of that time period. The Time Traveller names these two species “Eloi” and the “Morlocks”. Both of these represent Wells’ view of humanity that will form as time advances. Although they are both organisms of the future, the way they live their lives are very different. The Eloi are very…

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  • The Day Lincoln Was Shot Analysis

    President Lincoln had been shot and killed by John Wilkes Booth; then Booth proceeded to flee the scene of the crime. Then, not long after the fatal shooting of the president, news followed that Secretary of State, William H. Seward, had been stabbed. The hunt was now on for the conspirators, the police diligently searched for Booth, Herald and Surratt; the only known address was for Mr. John Surratt, when the police arrived at his home, his mother says that she hadn’t…

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  • My Papa's Waltz Poem Analysis

    The Analysis of the Three Poems “My Papa’s Waltz”, “My Father’s Hats” and “Those Winter Sundays” are poems which are real exciting and express the love of fathers towards their kids. In these poems they describe to us the friendship between children and their fathers. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” explains how a young boy was dancing waltz music with his drunken father. The young son appeared to enjoy having fun with his father while dancing despite the fact that he kept on chafing his ear on his…

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  • Rabindranath Tagore Postmaster Analysis

    INTRODUCTION Rabindranath Tagore- poet, short story writer, song composer, playwright, essayist, and painter – was born in a rich aristocratic family in Calcutta. He was the son of the religious reformer, Debendranath Tagore. He began to write verses early in life and after his studies in England, he returned to India in the late 1860s. He founded an experimental school in rural West Bengal at Shantiniketan, where he sought to blend the best in the Indian and Western traditions. Years of sadness…

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  • Analysis Of Open To Inspection By Lewis H. Lapham

    Lewis H. Lapham. My whole life I’ve wondered if there are people who live in the shadows that gather information on our country’s enemies and even spy on the average citizen. I think every person should be concerned with being spied on it’s an invasion of privacy and breaks the rights we have as humans. It bothers me that there is a group of people that knows everything yet we only get told what they want us to know. The two main articles I will discuss are “Open to Inspection” by Lewis H.…

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  • The Sound Of Thunder By Hg Wells Analysis

    Introduction The Time Machine and the Sound of Thunder are both science fiction stories. Their central plots are about Time Travel. Compare and contrast these two stories. This assessment has asked me to compare and contrast the stories of The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and The Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury. In this assignment the differences in language and characters will be compared and contrasted. The genre of the short story will be contrasted with the short novel. The different ways the…

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  • Character Analysis: The Lurking Fear

    “The Outsider” a short story in “The Lurking Fear” by H.P. Lovecraft. It is a simple story on the surface but it can be thought provoking if you read deeper. It is about a man trying to find out where he is and why. Even though the story is in a collection of macabre horror it is more of a mystery than horror story till the end. The writer’s descriptions are so vivid that the reader does not notice the lack of characters. “I know not where I was born, save that the castle was infinitely old and…

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  • The Island Of Doctor Moreau Analysis

    In our civilized world, we may not realize our world or the humanity has been civilized through hundred years of development. However, H.G Wells and Jean Rousseau are aware of the consequences due to the civilization. They believe civilization means a lot to the changes of humanity, creatures. They raise all sorts of questions on what is nature and what is artificial. Therefore, it is interesting to compare Jean Rousseau’s A Discourse on Inequality and H.G Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau in a…

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