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  • Free Trade Ethics

    The debate for many years has been whether or not trade agreements help American workers or cause the loss of jobs to foreign workers and lower wages. Corporations are in business to generate a profit, but at what cost to Americans and the economy? What is the ethical choice when it comes to offshoring and outsourcing jobs and how honest should a corporation be about the use of this practice? Some of the businesses that have moved jobs to foreign countries are heralded as being innovative and…

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  • Comparing Love Poems

    Introductory Frame : Writing aims It is important to be concise and express your meanings clearly. As George Orwell (1992) said in “Politics and the English Language”, “If it is possible to cut out a word, always cut it out”(p. 182). Thus, I chose the passages in the sentence task for revision and extension part, both of them were the analysis of love poems. One paragraph is the analysis of William Butler Yeats’ love poem, another is the analysis of Anthony Ma’s love poem (SHEN, 2016, par. 1). I…

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  • Monstrosity In Mark Doty's Now You Re An Animal

    Monstrosity isn’t always what is perceived on the outside. Becoming one with an animal, having animalistic tendencies, or an alter ego of a beast can be considered monstrous to society. In the poem “Why do you keep putting animals in your poems”, the man depicted in the poem is learning from the animals in the poem. He also realizes that the animalistic way of life is much simpler than the life of a human. In “Now You’re An Animal” by Mark Doty the professor goes into a studio to get his picture…

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  • The Hero In W. H. Auden's The Unknown Citizen

    H. Auden. One may ask, what makes him a hero? Does he have any power? Well, the answer is no. The man in this poem is just a normal citizen, who lives a quiet a common life as everyone else. So, what makes him a hero? The man was a soldier. He fought for…

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  • Social Oppression In H. G. Wells The Time Machine

    In 1895, H.G. Wells wrote The Time Machine- a seemingly simple time-travelling adventure with much deeper undertones alluding to Wells’ view of the inequality within society at the time. Time and time again, the story refers to class oppression, some way or another. The overarching theme of the oppressive nature of class distinction in society is clearly shown through the societal origins of the Eloi and Morlocks, the actions of the Morlocks and Time Traveller, and the various titles of the…

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  • Henry Rider Haggard Character Analysis

    in life in order to make the stories more relatable, and, therefore, more real. Their stories, though fictional, will make the reader feel powerful and full. Sir Henry Rider Haggard is one such author that makes readers of his books feel empowered. H. Rider Haggard is an amazing author of numerous different genres who writes books that are extremely informative and interesting at the same time. Not much is known about Sir Henry Rider Haggard’s childhood. He was not poor as a child. Sir Haggard…

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  • Fire And Fury Analysis

    War is hell…..This is even more so with the technology build up in the post World War I period that brought new challenges to allied military leaders and a tremendous dichotomy in United States aviation warfare strategy of World War II. Both in Fire and Fury by Randall Hansen, and Herman Wolk’s Cataclysm: General Hap Arnold and the Defeat of Japan, follow key allied leaders and their bombing strategies. In Fire and Fury, Hansen asserts that the American daylight precision bombing was more…

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  • A Cartload Of Shoes Analysis

    As United States citizens, born and raised in a privileged, first world country, we do not fully comprehend the pain of true suffering. This is highly debatable, as many in this nation have experienced poverty, death in their family, homelessness, and other struggles, but digesting the entire nauseating concept of suffering associated with the Holocaust is nearly impossible. The countless written works devoted to this tragedy are known for their ability to provoke thought and test morals.…

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  • Jane Addams Contributions

    Chase Gibbs Sociology 101-12 Professor Moore 10-22-16 Jane Addams September 6, 1860 Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois. “Her parents are Sarah Weber Addams and John Huy Addams” (Daniels 2016). Jane Addams was the eighth of nine children and fifth living child at the time of her birth. When she was two years old her mother died giving birth to an early baby. After Jane’s mother died her father would remarry to Anna Haldeman with two sons. “Jane’s father ran a successful mill business…

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  • Stop All Of The Clocks Cut Off The Telephone Analysis

    The astonishing level of agony present in a person once they have lost a loved one is described in the poem, “Stop All of the Clocks, Cut off the Telephone” by W.H. Auden. In this poem, the poet describes the pain of ending an intense sensation of love when one of the partners has passed away. The inability to cope once one’s love has ended provokes the feeling that life has ended due to the thought of the inability to live alone. This is found in the poem when Auden states, “For nothing now can…

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