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In the United States the system of government is unique from the rest of the world. For the last one and a half centuries since the death of the Whig party and the rise of the Republican Party has caused the country to be dominated by the two party system making a legitimate third parties all but eliminated from the political process. The limitation of third parties has created the climate for interest groups to thrive. One of the most famous interest group is the Cato Institute. Throughout this paper the ideas of the Cato Institute will be explored. First the history of the CATO Institute and why it was formed and by whom will be explained. Then understand what the main issues and the policy believes of the Cato Institute will be discovered. …show more content…
The other original members of the first board of directors included co-founder Murray Rothbard, Libertarian scholar Earl Ravenal, and businessmen David H. Padden and Sam H. Husbands Jr. At the request of Rothbard, the institute changed its name in 1976 to Cato Institute (Cato, n.d.). This was named after the Cato's Letters, a series of British essays written in the early 18th century by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon in England that presented a vision of society free from excessive government. These letters are a pivotal part of what inspired the founding fathers and the architects that caused the American Revolution (Cato, n.d.). The ideas in the letters included individual liberty, limited government, and the free market. This from what the think tank has focus its energy toward. In the mission statement it states “To originate, disseminate, and increase understanding of public policies based on the principles of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace” (Cato, n.d.). The Cato …show more content…
The Cato Institute is activate in its policy believes. The Cato Institute advocates policies that advance "individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace" (Cato, n.d.). They are libertarian based in their policy positions, typically advocating for diminished government intervention in domestic, social, and economic policies and decreased political and military intervention nationally and abroad. The Cato Institute has constantly called for the privatization of several government services and institutions, including the United States Postal Service, NASA, the Transport Security Administration, public transportation systems, public broadcasting, and Social Security. Cato and other think tanks have invested millions of dollars in a campaign to privatize Social Security (Callahan, 1999). This included several million dollars that Wall Street firms have given to the Cato Institute (Callahan, 1999). Cato scholars have also opposed the minimum wage laws, saying that the laws violate the freedom of contract and thus private property rights, and increase unemployment (Cato, n.d.). The Cato Institute also opposes public government sector unions and supports right-to-work state laws. It opposes President Obama’s universal health care law, arguing that it is harmful to patients and an

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