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  • Hirschmann And Wilson Analysis

    I chose to write about the queer theologians, Jo Hirschmann and Elizabeth Wilson, because I appreciate their emphasis on the importance of intersectionality and moving beyond “identity politics.” As someone who was raised in a Christian household, I find their perspective from the viewpoint of Jewish theologians very interesting, but I think their main ideas can be applied to any religion or faith. Their piece from Queer Jews, “Next Year in Freedom! Taking Our Seder to the Streets”, aligned with…

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  • Genetic Variation In Sociological Fairy Tales

    Ralph Ellison once said, “There must be possible a fiction which, leaving sociology and case histories to the scientists, can arrive at the truth about the human condition, here and now, with all the bright magic of the fairy tale (Ellison).” With the help of great sociological researchers like Dorothy Robert and Michael Root, this paper will expose some of the sociological fairy tales that exist here in today’s society that have been perpetuated for decades. Many times, there are issues that…

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  • Research Paper About Teenage Dating

    In southeastern Asian parents’ eyes, marrying within the same ethnic group also counts as being the “perfect” son or daughter. At a young age, Jeff Yang’s mom illustrated his road map into the future, “‘One, practice piano. Two, go to a good college. Three, become a doctor. And four, marry a nice Taiwanese girl” (Yang). Chinese and Vietnamese parents make sure their child is well rounded in everything, and that includes speaking the parent’s native tongue and understanding the culture — it is…

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  • Essay On Hugh Seton Nationalism

    Hugh Seton-Watson divides nations into two categorized on the basis of their formation process; old continuous and new nations, which he believes is more relevant distinction than historical and unhistorical typologies. The old continuous nations, France and Britain for instance, are those which developed national identity or national consciousness before the formulation of the doctrine of nationalism. They date back to the 1600s before the French Revolution. The old nations emerged through…

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  • Summary: Barriers To Minority Nursing Students

    College students need to feel supported by family, friends, and especially faculty. Support is important not only for lecture faculty, but clinical faculty as well. Lack of adequate support for faculty members can be perceived as discrimination by the student. The feeling of discrimination was reported in several studies as a barrier to success for minority nursing students. For example, a study by Sedgwick, Oosterbroek and Ponomar (2014) involved interviewing 41 minority students about…

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  • Multicultural Workplace: A Case Study

    identify as biracial comprised 65.3% of the workforce in 2012. Issues That Create Racial Tension in the Workplace Particular areas that create tension in a multicultural workplace includes the assumption that all members of a particular race or ethnic group engage in groupthink or have the same needs, as well as language and communication styles. Case in point, the census reporting classification of “black” includes individuals from the sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean who have cultural…

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  • Volkswagen Failure Essay

    Corporate Failure Analysis of Volkswagen This article will analyze the Volkswagen case in the viewpoint of corporate governance. As the scandal came up to the scene, Volkswagen defrauded in emission tests and make the improper cars pass from the tests in the “normal mode” rather than the “best case” scenario which also is not suitable for US emission standards. As a result, 11million cars were recalled, VW lost 20 billion dollars and especially 80 years of good reputation of the brand…

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  • Joane Nagel's Constructing Ethnicity

    have been made that there is more to the world. Joane Nagel, author of “Constructing Ethnicity”, writes about what makes up the word ethnicity along with its uses in social and political spectrums. According to an ethnic group or ethnicity is a population group whose members identify with each other on the basis of common nationality or shared cultural traditions. Ethnicity and race often get mixed up. My ethnicity is non-hispanic, American. My heritage is mainly German. While my race…

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  • Reflection Of Cultural Competence

    dietary needs of different groups of people based on religion, personal preference, and special needs. Little did I know that the topic of cultural competence is much broader and goes much deeper than just the diets of my patients. In fact, I came to realize, that I had indeed been practicing cultural competence in the workplace without even realizing it; however, not as much as had been needed. In truth, I would consider myself to be in the cultural pre-competence group of the cultural…

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  • Rohingya Crisis Essay

    The Rohingya crisis The Rohingyas are an ethnic minority group in the western region of Myanmar, accounting for two thirds of the population of the Rakhine state. They are a religious and linguistic minority from western Myanmar according to the United Nations The 1 million Rohingyasare different from the Muslim majority linguistically, ethnically, culturally, and religiously. Myanmar was ruled by the military for over 50 years and during that time period it adopted a lot of racial policies…

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