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  • Home Is Where The Hatred Is Analysis

    Gil Scott-Heron and Home Gil Scott-Heron is considered by many to be the “The Godfather of Rap”, and one of the greatest poets of all time. Many artist have sold more records than Heron, but few artist are able to match the influence Heron’s words have had on many in The Black Community. Growing up, Heron idolized black leaders such as Malcolm X, and black artist such as Langston Hughes. He was following Hughes footsteps when he decided to go to Historically Black College, Lincoln University…

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  • Essay On Neo Soul

    "advanced simple mixture sound" of neo soul and "significantly invigorated the digitalized no man's land that was R&B in the late '80s". Neo soul specialists amid the 1990s were intensely enlivened by the varied sound and smooth instrumentation of Gil Scott-Heron's and Brian Jackson's community work in the 1970s. All About Jazz referred to Jackson as "one of the early planners" of the sound and his initial work with Scott-Heron as "a moving and melodic Rosetta stone for the neo-soul…

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  • Gil Scott Heron's The Nigger Factory

    A man consumed by the war he fought. That’s the phrase that comes to mind when reflecting upon the genius that was Gil Scott Heron. Often the appellation of “revolutionist and pioneer is is affixed to this man from the Bronx, whose quavering voice brought realization to the minds of masses the plight that they were in. Punctuating the passing years, Scott heroin with scathing releases, denouncing the systems that subjugate and forward the doctrine of the All Mighty Dollar. Transcending…

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  • Chicana And Chicano Identity In Gil Cuadros City Of God

    Character in Gil Cuadros City of God, does not clearly state his name. In “Indulgences” the main character is the only non-adult sitting at the table when someone says “Eat Gilberto, eat” which is a statement usually associated between an adult and child. Asking Gilberto to eat is similar to parent saying, ‘eat before you go out to play’ and because Gilberto is the youngest at the table it seems appropriate and most likely that an adult is telling the youngest to eat. Another reason why Gilberto…

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  • Tropicalia Movement Essay

    an everlasting impact upon Brazil and the society’s culture. Over the past 3 decades, Tropicalia has become legendary. Tropicalism was a movement that began in 1967 that really shook the popular music and culture in Brazil. Stars of Tropicalia, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso who introduced a new sound in Brazilian music during the beginning of the…

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  • Classicism In Brazil

    The music of Brazil was formed from the mixture of European, African and indigenous elements, brought by Portuguese settlers, slaves and by the natives who inhabited the so-called New World. Other influences have been added throughout history, establishing a huge variety of musical styles. At the time of the discovery of Brazil, the Portuguese were amazed at the natives ' way of dressing and the way they made music: singing, dancing, playing instruments (rattles, flutes, drums). Brazilian music…

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