Images In The Watchman

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Without images…how could a graphic novel like “Watchmen” exist? Images allow the reader to be taken on a crazy ride through the lives, and stories of the characters all while using both words and images to create a new type of language for the reader to learn. Images, like stated in McCloud matter. In the novel, images are what make the material being read so appealing. Immediately on Page 1, the reader is exposed to a non-sensory image of a blood stained sidewalk which grasps attention right away and persuades the audience to continue reading and see exactly why this person was killed. The Watchmen is a graphic novel that is unlike your stereotypical old comic book. It uses real world emotion and imagery to convey a sense of reality that is really important in telling the plot. Most of the images used in the novel, are put into panels of sequences that combine the panels in order to really create …show more content…
The image techniques used in the Watchmen allow the reader to understand the plot and message more clearly and the writers really know how to use both words and images to create a great, narrative piece. With the lack of force lines, the reader is able to view the action more clearly. With the lack of thought bubbles, the reader is able to view the thoughts and emotions of the characters by being able to decipher in their own minds what is happening. Most importantly with the use of Juxtaposed images, the reader is able to follow a movie with their eyes and view the story in a way that is easiest to understand. All of these characteristics are very different from what a “traditional” comic book uses and allows the Watchmen to be a novel that readers can understand due to its realistic ideas and also incredible, vivid

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