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  • Chile: A Perfect Dictatorship

    month later citizens were asked to vote “yes” or “no” to the statement, “Faced with international aggression launched against our fatherland, I support President Pinochet in his defense of the dignity of Chile and reaffirm the legitimacy of the government…” (Constable, Valenzuela 68). With the election being rigged (blank ballots were counted as yes) Pinochet was able to claim victory. Two things were established with his political victory. First, Pinochet made it seem as though the people had a…

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  • How Did The Constitution Remove Presidential Power

    thus making many more people eligible. The constitution also made it so the Pennsylvania legislature was only one body, which is know as a unicameral government. The biggest thing that the constitution did was remove the position of governor entirely because people thought of governors as small-scale kings. These changes left the Pennsylvania government to be run by the people in only one body because they believed that having a higher body of legislature was like having a higher class of…

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  • Maxwell Thanum's Failures

    broken out between the people of United States and their government. The oppressive leader, Maxwell Thanum, and his band of fanatic followers have usurped the government, and replaced it with a tyrannical dictatorship, much like that of North Korea. The people are tired of his oppressive rule and want to reinstate the previous Republic system. So, the people are fighting to earn their rights once again. Five years ago, Thanum lost the general election by a landslide. Even so, he had earned…

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  • Legitimacy In Leadership Research Paper

    People and governments can gain legitimacy through rational-legal processes, traditional processes, and individual charisma. Legitimacy can be kept through performance legitimacy, where people may believe in your right to rule if you rule well; have economic growth, increase nationalism, and to be politically stable. However, it’s easy for a leader to lose legitimacy. Failure to protect the public from the economic instability, unable to provide opportunities for the people, and overall general…

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  • Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation Essay

    the document was intended to devise a system of government for the newly-united America. It established the fundamental…

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  • Hobbes And Jean-Jacques Rousseau: The Common Theory Of Government Power

    Government power has been found to be a necessary facet of civilized life, as such there are multiple views predominately found through the common theory of social contract, realized by famous thinkers, Thomas Hobbes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and John Locke. Each of these individuals take an attempt in answering how government power should function. Additionally, these individuals elaborate on how said power should affect human living conditions. Hobbes, Rousseau, and Locke have different and…

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  • What Makes A Totalitarian Society Revealed In 'Anthem' By Ayn Rand

    Me, Myself, and Time In Anthem Ayn Rand writes the book in a totalitarian society as to which they eliminated technology to prevent something from happening again. In the totalitarian society the people have little control over rather or not having technology is superior, because everything is controlled by the state. The little mention of technology in the book foreshadows a meaning that the technology was once the cause of the end of the world, which explains the totalitarian society. In Ayn…

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  • Dictator Rise To Power

    near-universal agreement that a tyranny is the least efficient and deadliest form of government (Adler), it is one history's most common forms of government; about 25% of the world’s countries are dictatorships (Frantz). This is recognized by many reasons, the most noticeable being man's lust for power and wealth which are achieved and maintained through many unjust actions. In saying tyranny, I mean any form government where the "leader" uses cruelty to maintain his illegitimately absolute…

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  • Why Do Interest Groups Exist

    substantial share of public expense of interest groups gain. (Moosbrugger, 2002, p. 2). Interest groups exist to convey the perspectives and ensure the concerns of any part of the general public to the official…

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  • Philadelphia Convention Essay

    purpose of the ratifying conventions was to inform “the public of the provisions of the proposed new government.” This way the people were…

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