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  • Congressional Approval Ratings

    the world’s most powerful democracy, has consistently suffered from inordinately low approval ratings from the American public. There are multitudinous hypotheses from political scientists that offer postulates as to why this particular branch of government has been burdened by the scourge of popular disapproval. One ostensible consideration in the analysis of this phenomenon is the inherent nature of democracy itself. One must ask if the constitutional framework of American democracy itself is…

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  • Politics Of Defection In Gandhi

    The word Defection may be defined as the “abandonment of loyalty”. When we talk about the Parliamentary type of a government, the word connotes the change of one’s party affiliation. Even though there has been a specific meaning attached to the word, the meaning has still not been the same. The word used before this was ‘floor crossing’ . This particular term finds its first mention in the British House of Commons when a Legislator had changed his party by crossing the floor and moving to the…

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  • Timocracy In Plato's Government

    Angela DeJesus Period A Plato’s Government in Classes DeJesus 1 Everything can be defined by placement in a category. In his Republic, Plato defines the changes that a society undergoes by categorizing the changes into five cyclic stages of government. Aristocracy is the first stage of government, wherein the aristocrat will do their art for the sake of their art. Timocracy is the second stage, wherein the timocrat works for the sake of honor. Oligarchy is the third stage, wherein the…

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  • 1984 Fear

    In George Orwell’s 1984, The government restricts the freedoms of the people, by controlling their thoughts to protect the reputation of the party. People are tortured, manipulated and enslaved to preserve the totalitarian party’s reputation. Would risking the basic population’s sense of security to keep the reputation of a dictator like party? In 1984, the people do not have the basic human right to think their own thoughts on the dictator like party in charge. People in Oceania are…

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  • Aristotle's Goals Of The Constitution

    common defense, promote general welfare, secure the blessings of liberty, and form a more perfect union. Locke would agree with the goal to provide for the common defense, he thought that the government should protect the people’s rights, our government did this by creating armies and navies to look over the country. Locke would also be a connection to promoting general welfare, and commonwealth, he finds the health of citizens to be an important protection from the government. Montesquieu…

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  • Parliamentary System Vs. Presidential System

    system, the executive and legislative powers are fused together to set and control the government (Mintz et al. 331-332). Both the Prime Minister (PM), who is the elected leader and their appointed Cabinet make up the executive power (Canadian Ministry) within the Parliamentary system (329). Cooperation between the executive and legislative branches (House of Commons and Senate) is necessary for the government to function properly and efficiently. The PM delegates which department each Cabinet…

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  • Divisional Council Case Study

     Head of divisional Council: It was the highest tier of basic democracies. It was a new experiment in the field of local government as before the advent of basic democracies, local government institutes in Pakistan and undivided India didn’t go beyond the district level. The jurisdiction of a divisional council coincides with the division. Constitution: The divisional council constituted of official and unofficial members. One half was official and the other was consisted of unofficial. The…

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  • Political Ideology

    which it has been demanding from opposition during their reign. It’s now more than four years since PTI took hold over the governance of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Some positive changes during this PTI era are as follows; • The PTI-led KP government has completely depoliticized the police and by no means, a minister, chief minister or any person can interfere in the activities of police. • Health system has improved significantly. Patients say that doctors are always there in the hospitals…

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  • Democracy Is Pluralistic In Nature

    that many groups are able to work together amongst themselves to be able to allow more involvement of the citizens in a majority of the nation’s decisions. Both of these ideas of how our government works are similar in ways as well as different in many other ways. Knowledge of the citizen, interest groups, government structure is a few differences…

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  • Compare And Contrast Locke And Thomas Hobbes

    He believe that human nature is evil, he says that “I put for a general inclination of all mankind, a perpetuall and restlesse desire of power after power that ceaseth only in death (pg 52)”. Hobbes saying we need a leader that has more authority above everyone. Hobbes argue that we as human being are self-interest if…

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