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  • Hofstede's Cultural Analysis

    Dimensions According to Hofstede (2001), culture is formed by the collective mental programming of a group, tribe, minority, or a nation. It can be viewed as the aggregate of individual personality traits (Bagchi, 2003). He classified countries along mainly four dimensions: power distance (PD), uncertainty avoidance (UA), individualism/collectivism (IC), and masculine/feminine (MF). These cultural dimensions are used to rate each of the 53 countries by Hofstede (Hofstede, 2001). These dimensions…

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  • Difference Between International Culture And International Business Strategy

    Intercultural business communications EMUNI University International business and company strategy Culture and Global Marketing: Culture is the way that we do things. Culture could relate to a country, a community, or an organization and it includes all that we have learned in relation to values and norms, customs and traditions, beliefs and religions. Also, we…

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  • Total Quality Management In The East And The West Case Study

    According to Jens J. Dahlgaard, Kai Kristensen, and Sohal, in 2011: This paper compares quality management practices in manufacturing companies in the East and the West. It uses data collected from three countries in the East, namely Japan, Korea and Taiwan and compares these with data collected from four countries in the West, namely Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Australia. Twenty-five Japanese companies, 105 Korean companies, 48 Taiwanese companies, 65 Danish companies, 88 Swedish companies, 18…

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  • Pepsi Vs China Comparative Analysis Essay

    As globalization prevails, many companies venture into different countries which create high complexity for marketing as the culture elements are deeply embedded in consumer behavioural, and can cause significant misconception on the brands. A comparative analysis between Pepsi’s TV advertisements in China and the US will help to demonstrate both the differences and similarities of marketing presentation and examine the effectiveness of the market communication. By applying Hofstede’s framework…

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  • North Korean Culture

    Culture is what sets a society or civilization apart from others and gives it a unique identity based upon that society’s shared ideas, beliefs, morals, customs, and behaviors. Despite the many differences between cultures around the globe, five major characteristics normally define any society’s culture. The first being that culture is learned, or passed down through knowledge, rather than inherited. A culture is also integrated with many different aspects that often tie in to each other and…

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  • Cultural Identity In The Movie Crash

    The movie Crash is a multidimensional film set in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and exhibits the various cultures living in one city and how these multiple cultures interact. The tone of the film seems very somber as it views the life of individuals from different social classes and areas and how lives can intersect and impact one another. This paper will evaluate and explain the impact of cultural identity and bias, cultural patters and intercultural communication within this film.…

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  • Masculinity Vs Femininity Analysis

    report was extracted from Geert Hofstede, which is about the status of masculinity and femininity between Australia and Sri Lanka, it will change the perception of Australian businessmen in communicating in business. Furthermore, from Geert Hofstede’s research, it was…

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  • Going Global Case Study

    Singapore for example, follows a Confucian (Chinese) background a normally have a syncretic approach to religion and teaches the stability of society ( According to Hofstede’s () cultural dimensions, Singapore-which is a multi-ethnic society comprised of 77 percent Chinese, the Power Distance scores a 74. This dimension deals with the fact that all individuals in societies…

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  • I Am Malala Culture Analysis

    culture of people is very important in how we learn to interact with and work with people who come from different backgrounds. Pakistan is a good example of a country with a culture that is very different that the culture in the United States. The Hofstede dimensions give a good overview of Pakistan’s culture and what they value. The novel I Am Malala, by Malala Yousafzai also gives good insight into the culture of Pakistan and the life style within the country. Tools such as these are very…

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  • Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Paper

    Geert Hofstede's is a Dutch social psychologist, former IBM employee and Professor at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. His Real name is Gerard Hendrik (Geert) Hofstede and was born 2nd of October 1928. Geert Hofstede conducted the most approval learning of how values as work are influenced by culture. Geert Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions is a casing work for diverse correspondence which portrays the impacts of a general public's way of life on the estimations of its individuals and how…

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