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  • Business Analysis: Criterion Furniture

    Criterion Furniture is a manufacturing company that sells ready-to-assemble furniture and was founded by Brian and Wally Smaill in the 1960’s. They are a globally known selling to markets in New Zealand, USA, Hong Kong, Guam, Singapore and the Philippines. The company has had its fair share of successes but also failures in particular the US and Japanese market resulting in changes being made in the organisations basic structure in order to achieve a bigger market share in the future. Looking…

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  • London Has Fallen Character Analysis

    London Has Fallen is a thrilling movie that showcases true heroism and the power that nationalism can have on an individual. Mike Banning, the main character, is a secret service officer who is very close with the President. London Has Fallen is the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, where Mike Banning a former secret service agent returns to the White House to save the President’s life. In London Has Fallen, Mike Banning returns as the head of the secret service task force serving full time for…

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  • Multinational Cooperation Case Study

    Management has helped in the interaction of business between nationals and localization of business enterprise in other nation. When a cooperation takes is goods or services outside its origination and become registered in more than one countries, it becomes a multinational cooperation. Multinational Cooperation Sometimes referred to as transnational cooperation. Such organization have their offices/factories in different countries and have a centralized office management. The policies…

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  • South Korean Culture

    Culture and Concerns South Korea is a country with a very rich culture and is very different from our own culture here in the United States. One of the aspects of South Korean culture that stand out the most is its hierarchical structure. This section will explain how the different cultural frameworks and concepts apply to South Korean culture. The first is the sociology framework. Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck described culture as having 6 different dimensions: time, space, activity,…

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  • Experiential Exercise: Management Aptitude

    Chapter 1 Experiential Exercise: Management Aptitude The quiz rated my experience and strength in three managerial skills: conceptual, human, and technical. The text recommends a balance between all three, and recommends taking courses to strengthen any area of weakness (Daft, 2014 p.32). I scored a twenty-seven for conceptual skills on the quiz. This was my strongest area identified on this assessment. I do feel that years of making mistakes and experiencing success while leading others…

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  • Stereotypes In Great Britain

    In Great Britain (GB), there is no such thing as a typical Briton, conforming to a stereotype. We can be shy and pompous, friendly and stuffy, brave and cowardly, courteous and mean, disciplined and unambitious, inhibited and decadent. We are full of many contradictions that can make us very difficult for foreigners to understand. Even living in different parts of GB can mean numerous character differences, for example, noticeable differences between northerners and southerners. What do you…

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  • Obama And Castro International Relations Case Study

    blue print of intercultural communication between both countries and how their new found relationship can coexists. Perceptive changes over time, this is completely true for this situation due to past policies and new policies implemented. I will use Geert Hofstede’s 5 Cultural Dimensions to explain both US and Cuba as a cultural which will help explain differences as well as provide insight of possible cohesion. Cuba government is a Caste system which means they have a high power distance were…

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  • Hofstede Analysis

    The film PK was a satire comedy that showed some of the sterotypes in Indian society as well as realities that people living in Indian culture are dealing with. while at the same time being able to reach an American audience with some of the questions the film asked and envoked a deeper reflection. India has a different culture than what you would find in the United States, if you looked purely at Hofstede’s scores, upon watching the movie which was a satire and outside research while the two…

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  • What Is International Human Resource Management (IHRM?

    International Human Resource Management (IHRM), ‘as concerned with the human resource problems of multinational firms in foreign subsidiaries (such as expatriate management) or more broadly, with the unfolding HRM issues that are associated with the various stages of the internationalism process.’ (Boxhall, P. 1992). In every multinational organisation, HRM is one of the most important departments which lays the main foundation to the firms by its employees. It benefits the organisations but…

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  • The Importance Of Globalization And Localization

    Globalization refers to the process by which people, international companies from different countries, countries and governments of different countries interact and come together to collaborate for trade, investment, promote living in harmony, religious beliefs and political influence and culture. This is aided by the improvement in technology (The Levin Institute, 2015). For example, countries in a given region may agree to be in an economic integration where free trade is practiced.…

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