Miles And Snow Typology Case Study

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The Miles and Snow typology began in the early 1980's with Miles and Snow exploring the many different strategies of hundreds of companies in numerous industries. They found impressive strategies and tactics. Miles and Snow identified four main types of strategic behavior and organizational characteristics in the business.

The aim of this report is to identify each characteristic and apply them to a business which uses that characteristic.


* Prospector – An organization that follows a prospector strategy is a highly innovative business as prospectors usually continue to search out markets and opportunities and are always willing to take risks. Prospectors are usually the first to the market with their new products
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An analyzer shares some of the characteristics that the prospector and defender have. They maintain their market share but they also seek to be innovative like the prospectors. A business that uses the analyzer strategy operate routinely and efficiently by the use of a formal structure and processes. They are very good at analyzing what's going on around them in the business environment. They can make inform decisions about the products and services that they would like to invest in and they are the quick second in's to the prospectors. The analyzer watches what the prospector is doing and they come up with their own idea of the product or service and this is the way the work most effectively. An example of a company that uses the analyzer strategy is IBM. Along with IBM most large companies also use the analyzer strategy as they want to protect their market but also create new market opportunities at the same time. IBM aim to please their customers and introduce new products and services that update their computer facilities. IBM help their customers move from the older system on the computer to the newer system by developing certain procedures. This allows IBM to keep their customers satisfied and to also retain their customers. IBM have also invested in biotechnology, superconductivity technology and many other projects by being super innovative. The analyzer is very skilled in production efficiency, process engineering and

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