Case Study Of Susan Shapiro: Workplace Safety

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Susan Shapiro and Workplace Safety

1. What groups will benefit?

People who are getting benefited out of this case is Susan Shapiro. She was able to take the first step to help employees who are working in the drying shed. This is all about the achieving the self-satisfaction. Also the workers have gained lot of advantages, they have a better environment than before, a good health, and lesser workload.
The other benefited parties are the Foreman, Director of personal and the plant manager. This group have gain the trust of the staff. They have received a benefit as a result of the Susan’s actions.
Also the owner of the company has benefited with increasing the level of company reputation as a result of creating a better environment for the
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This is not an ethical thing to do. In terms of financial benefits, yes, the company won’t be maintain the higher profits once they invest on the new machine and the payback period will be high. But all the employees are deserving a proper working environment and that is their right. In this case Susan, The Foreman, Director personal and the Plant manager will earn the trust of the employees and especially Susan will achieve a good level of self-satisfaction. The morel problem in this case is significant, Susan is courageous enough to get this problem to the board level in the company. This will definitely risk her Job, but still she was brave enough. The company should not focus only on the financial side, there are should be a balance between the financial side and employee benefits. They should consider employees as an asset to the company and should take care employees in a good way. To overcome this issue they should invest in a new machinery, the cost will be high but on the other hand employees will be benefited and the company will get a bunch of motivated employees. This is good for the health of the employees’ and the …show more content…
Even though it is said that the current process is legal, I feel like OSHA has not thoroughly gone through the entire process in the company. As per the federal standards, benzene level should be 10 times per million. But the current level is 1000 times per million and this is 10000% higher than the normal level. This will definitely come in to play in the foreseeable future so the company will get punished if they are not taking any actions on this.

8. What are the ethical duties?

Personal Virtues – Under this companies are allow to follow their own set of rules, may be profit maximization. They can decide what is right and wrong or fair and not fair for others. If the company could get corrective actions to provide benefits to the employees, this will definitely built up their image. This will increase the company’s reputation in the industry and this is something they could really be proud of.
Utilitarian benefits – This is moral actions which could create good for the society or something they are being a part of. What Susan has done was exactly correct, even though she is newly joined, her actions will create a benefit to the employees and the company. She has thought well from the both sides.


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