Essay On The Importance Of Higher Education

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The Importance of Higher Education in American Society

From the very moment we were fully develop in our mother’s womb, our mother and

fathers started to educate us even though we didn’t understand what they were saying but they

educate us through their voices so that we may know and understand who is talking to us. How

high are we going to take our education? According to Dr. Heather Allen “Higher education

improves an individual's quality of life. Studies show that, compared to high school graduates,

college graduates have longer life spans, better access to health care, better dietary and health

practices, greater economic stability and security, more prestigious employment and greater job

satisfaction, less dependency on government
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you have already earned an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree, by achieve a Master’s degree, or

a Doctorate will help you move much higher in your career. If I had my own business and I was

looking for people to work for me. I will pick on the description and the other 50% will be on

how high you are educated. According to CNN/Jobs, education is always something that

supervisors and business executives looks for when they are hiring.

When people have the drive and initiative to expand their knowledge, it is always a very good

sign that they will be able to benefit whoever they are working for company to expand further.

There are company within the work force that provides advancement courses for their employees

if they are interested. Most businesses will even offer to pay for advancement courses so that

their employees will perform at a higher standard than others. So pretty much the higher

educated you are the more advancement you will be able to get.

The cost of education with in the US these days will make anyone cry, but studies are

being done that researchers are saying it might be worth it getting a higher education.
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Employers more often

are seeking for college graduates to fill jobs openings that once required a lower level of

education and that proves how important a college degree or a high education in America can be

value. Clearly employers put a good deal of premium on college grads and in fact, a lot of jobs

simply aren't going to be open to people who don’t have a college degree or high education such

as your Masters or PHD. Requiring a college degree for positions in fields with an aging

workforce that will very soon be retiring in large number could further the problem employers

may already be facing. I believe higher education in American society and on future careers is

very important because it increased chances for advancement, there is a high percentage of

making more money if you are a PHD holder instead of just a high school diploma, and most

importantly many jobs require a college degree or something higher and I do hope people

understands that and start going back to school as I did in my old

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