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  • The Crucible Reputation Analysis

    The role of reputation in the ‘Othello’ and ‘The Crucible’ The word reputation refers to the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something. The beliefs or opinions that are held by characters in “Othello” and “the Crucible” is a significant theme that is constant both plays. In the insular community of Salem, reputation holds a place of utmost importance; it is what is used to label you and is the main factor that people use to judge you and determine your treatment in…

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  • Consumerism In Death Of A Salesman

    Arthur Miller is a twentieth century play, write who wrote many classics. One of his classics was 1949 Death of a Salesman which appeared on Broadway that year. The year 1949 is a the death of an old decade and the birth of a new one. The 1950s, was a decade of unprecedented consumerism and technical advances in America. In the 1950’s many new innovations were made for the home such as the Tv was now affordable to most people and so tv programs grew as the audience grew as well. The washing…

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  • Social Class In Blood Brothers, By Willy Russell

    Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell is a story about two twin brothers born in a unfortunate working class with a abandoned mother, named Mrs Johnstone. Mickey and Eddie are the twins. The main theme “seems to be saying that the real world social forces the shape of people’s lives.” The variance between social class effects most of the characters in the play, this expresses the story about family and friendship, which fluctuates the heart of the play and the core behind the social class. Willy…

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  • Character Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire, By Tennessee Williams

    Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus, Mississippi on March 26, 1911 ( He won a Pulitzer Prize for his works, including A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Tin Roof. A Streetcar Named Desire, written in 1947, is the play that gave Williams his first Pulitzer Prize ( The main characters in that play are Blanche Dubois, her younger sister Stella, and Stella’s husband Stanley Kowalski. Blanche Dubois has unexpectedly come to live with her sister because she…

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  • The Crucible Reflection

    The Crucible Essay In The Crucible, Arthur Miller was successful on educating readers about history and encouraging them to not make the same mistakes of the past. The McCarthy era was more of an ideological war, meaning an idea that scared people to death, rather than a real war. The major issue that happened in Salem is that people were falsely accused of being witches when there was no real evidence of witchcraft. I believe that Arthur Miller did a sound job of getting his readers to…

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  • Character Analysis Of Joe Keller In All My Sons

    The plot ‘All My Sons” is set in August 1947 in a mid-eastern American town. The time of the play is between Sunday morning and a little after two o’clock of the following morning. Arthur Miller describe Joe Keller as a heavy man of stolid mind, a businessman for many years who sacrificed everything including his honor, in his struggles to make the family prosper. However, he has totally different actions with different characters in his family. Joe Keller is sixty-one years old. He is the main…

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  • Was The Crucible An Allegory Or Just Befunky?

    The Crucible: Allegory, Or Just Befunky? Was the events in the Crucible a witch hunt?, crusade?, or just plain lust-lead Manslaughter? The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the Red Scare in the McCarthy Era because Abigail had no solid evidence that those she accused were actual witches (she only had her own word), Mccarthy accused hundreds of being Communists, and Mccarthy had a claim that the only proof was on a piece of paper, Abigail Williams had no solid evidence that those…

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  • Dos Equis Advertisements

    are trying their best to get more attention and win more consumers. Most beer ads target their customers with fantasy, like the Dos Equis 2011’s ad which concentrate on the fantasy of being successful and surrounded by babes. Some companies like Miller Lite however, try to include the “rejected” group, and show their support in the hope of getting their support, like including a homosexual couple…

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  • Fear Is Learned In The Hunger Games

    “Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here” Marianne Williamson. The fear of the world didn't just come out of nowhere, fear came from a source and the source of the fear came from the people. Author; Suzanne Collins takes on this heavy topic that “fear is learned” in her book The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a book that foreplays a government that picks kids age 12-18 from 12 districts and sends them to an arena to kill each other. Collins originally wrote the book to…

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  • I Love My Job

    Most people dread going to their jobs. They hate putting on their plain uniform, and dealing with crabby and ungrateful people, not to mention the drive to work for these people is almost as terrible as work itself. I am nothing like this. Every day before I work, I put on my athletic shorts, t-shirt, socks, and I am excited to start my job. I enjoy my drive to work, and when I get there I am greeted by a few co-workers. I then put my bags in the office, and make my way to the gym. The other…

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