How Did Charlemagne Influence Rome

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Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, greatly impacted Ancient Rome through his role as Emperor of Western Europe. Through art and culture Charlemagne’s traditions still exist today. In order to understand his impact it is crucial to learn his background, time as a ruler, effect on Ancient Rome, the Carolingian renaissance, and traditions that exist today. Just like any other ruler, Charlemagne had to start somewhere. Unfortunately the exact date of Charlemagne’s birth is unknown, however it is estimated to be April 2nd of 742. Also, his birth place is uncertain but presumed to be Aachen (modern day Germany), or Liege (modern day Belgium). He was the eldest of six children born to Pepin and Bertrada Short. Charlemagne started out as mayor just like his father. When Pepin, his father, passed away him and his brother Carloman both inherited the kingdom and were supposed to rule together, however Carloman received a larger portion of the territory. Carloman refused to help his brother with the uprising of Aquitaine and the tension between the two brothers only grew. Eventually Carloman died unexpectedly and Charlemagne was left to rule the entire kingdom. He was soon able to expand his territory to Italy and was crowned King of Lombards. He eventually ruled all the Christianized western …show more content…
“He cherished the Church of St. Peter at Rome above all other holy places, and heaped its treasury with a vast wealth of gold, silver, and precious stones. He sent countless large gifts to the popes; and throughout his whole reign his most heartfelt wish was to re-establish the ancient authority of Rome under his care and by his influence, and to defend and protect St. Peter’s, beautifying and enriching it himself above all other churches. But though he held it in such veneration, he only went to Rome to say his vows and prayers four times during the whole of his forty-seven-year reign (Christian History

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