Discips In The Gospel Of Matthew's The Gospel According To Matthew

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When Jesus was on earth, spreading the word of salvation, he chose twelve men to accompany him. We call theses men the twelve disciples.Each of the 12 disciples had a key part in the spreading of the gospel and the building of the church. The names of the twelve disciples are: John, James, Peter, James the Lesser, Matthew, Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Simon, Thaddeus, and Judas. These men, for the most part, stood by Jesus, and without them we might not have the bible stories we have today.
Let’s start with Mathew, maybe one of the most known disciples. Before he met Jesus, he worked for Rome as a tax collector. Tax collectors in Jesus’s time were despised and hated, so you can imagine the people’s shock when Jesus asked Matthew to become his disciple. He, like the rest of the disciples, then followed Jesus throughout the three years of his ministry. After Jesus died Mathew, who desperately wanted to spread salvation to the Jews, wrote the book “ The Gospel According to Matthew”. Matthew was one of the few disciples who knew how to write and was the first of them to put the gospel in words. The gospel of Matthew was written approximately 10 years before his death. Late in his life he became a missionary, traveling to Ethiopia. There unfortunately he was impaled and beheaded for his faith. The gospel of Matthew is
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He was the one to ask Jesus at the last supper, "But Lord, why do you intend to show yourself to us and not to the world?” ( John 14:22 ). After the crucifixion he went on to spread the gospel in Edessa near the Euphrates River. He was later killed with arrows in Ararat. Phillip was the disciple with the warm heart, he showed great insight when dealing with skeptics and treated them kindly. He was hanged for his faith and while he was dying he asked not to be wrapped in linen but in papyrus. Just like Peter he did not think himself worthy of being treated like

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