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  • How Evil Is Hamlet Evil

    Claudius, his uncle. When Hamlet encounters the ghost of his dead father, he learns of the foul deed Claudius continues to hide from Queen Gertrude and the court. At first Hamlet attempts to keep his knowledge unknown to everyone except his closest friend, Horatio, but the pressure becomes too much and Hamlet eventually drives himself mad with a thirst for revenge. In his madness, he commits a murder just as foul as his own father’s and that leads to the death of a woman Hamlet cares for deeply.…

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  • How Did Basketball Start

    Have you ever wondered how basketball was started or even who started it? From its start basketball has evolved in many ways to become a popular sport in America and around the world. The basketball we know today is different from early basketball by rules, amount of teams, and the fundamentals of how the game is played. The game of basketball was started by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. When basketball was first started the way you would play would be by shooting a soccer ball into peach…

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  • Banquo's Reason In Macbeth

    of Scotland talked about them with admiration and awe. Macbeth and Banquo, after the fight, go and encounter the witches. As Macbeth approaches the witches he says to Banquo “So foul and fair a day I have not seen,” (1.3.38). In this line Macbeth says that while this day has been good because of their victories, it was foul for the amount of death. This shows that Macbeth has remorse for death, and it is something that affects him emotionally. When Macbeth and Banquo come face to face with the…

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  • Deception And Deception In Macbeth

    witches. Women characters are portrayed as manipulative and deceiving characters throughout the play. In the very first scene, it begins with the witches saying “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”. In other words, this can be seen as advice from the witches indicating that playing “fair” will not let you achieve your ambitions, but playing “foul” will allow you to get what you want. This also foreshadows the upcoming deception in the world…

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  • Figurative Language In Macbeth

    It goes for fair and foul as well. It leaves that uncertainty that it may or may not be what either fair or foul is, and this is shown throughout the play. What may seem like an act of positivity is possibly an act of negativity. When the witches say, “Hover through fog and filthy air”, they say that they will fly through…

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  • Examples Of Temptation In Macbeth

    to be overruled by his wife’s own, which negatively affected his morals and thought process. It seems that Macbeth was a steadfast, noble, and loyal follower of King Duncan, but it is quite the opposite of that. Macbeth’s first line in the book,“So foul and fair…

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  • Importance Of Setting In Macbeth

    Throughout Macbeth, setting has been a crucial aspect in the development of the plot. Shakespeare contrasts the setting to the events that occur there to highlight and create a separation between appearance and reality, bringing light to “fair is foul and foul is fair.” He also uses darkness as a setting to support unnatural and sinister occurrences as well as a means of disguise from goodness. Dating back to the beginning of time, evil has been thought to manifest itself in darkness, and it…

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  • Victim Of Fate In Macbeth

    to the rightful owner and no foul is foul and fair is fair. The life lesson of this story is that you cannot control fate, bad things happen when you try to. Fate is nothing that you play around with and you must be careful what you wish for is the other life lesson because Macbeth wanted to be king so badly that he would do whatever necessary to have the crown and to keep it. Macbeth ended up dying with the crown, he caused the famous quotation “fair is foul, and foul is fair” since he died…

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  • Women's Football Game Analysis

    cards, and there are more fouls committed than women’s soccer. According to FIFA in the 2014 men’s World Cup the “average rate for a red card per match is 0.2, and the average rate for a yellow card per match is 2.8”. In contrast in the 2015 women’s World Cup the “average rate for a red card per match is 0.1, and the average rate for a yellow card per match is 2.1” (FIFA). In men’s soccer there are more fouls committed than women’s soccer. According FIFA “the most fouls committed in a game in…

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  • The Effect Of Thunder And Lightning In Macbeth

    the usual characters they would be used to seeing in a Shakespeare play. It is most likely that the squib (a type of firework) was used to create the effect of lightning. “Like all gunpowder products, the squib combined foul-smelling ingredients-sulfurous brimstone, coal, and saltpeter-that reeked all the more when detonated.” During this time period, it was thought that sulphur was hellfire and had a connection to Satan, so before the Weird…

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