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  • Tokyo Persuasive Speech

    Hisayo close on his heels. "Do you want to freshen up," asked Hisayo. "No they don't deserve the honor of seeing me looking my finest". He was already wearing a navy blue suit a shimmering silver undershirt matching pants and a jet black tie. His black hair slick back with a ridiculous amount of gel as his hair was naturally curly and unruly, his blue eyes ablaze with unspoken confidence. As he walked through the multiple check points guards let him pass without batting an eye. They were much to scared of being thrown out of this utopia. He burst through the door, sending papers flying, assistants went chasing after them while his accountants looked at him with annoyance. But there was another man of equal to Sora Tanaka in the room who was about to turn his life upside down. Aoto Endo stood across the room in an all grey suit with a white tie that matched his bleached blond hair but contrasted his dark hazel eyes. He was the same if not younger age then Sora, yet obviously more plump. And the first words out of his mouth were. "Get this man out of my office". Sora looked around confused before his own bodyguard wrapped a huge hand around his wrist and stabbed a syringe into his arm. The sharp pain jolted his sense. Everything went black for Sora, until he woke up in hazy light of the familiar wall except he was outside of it. He remained on his back for awhile before he got up. He saw a group of people not bothering to hide their approach, armed to the teeth with…

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  • Ecstasy Of Life: A Short Story

    jangled obstreperously an hour later. It 's the right of the auditorium and to the left corner of the gym. 2 girls were waiting in the corner for me. “Hey Pearl and Macy.” I call to them. “Hey, how you 're doing replied?” Replied Pearl and Macy at the same time. Macy and Pearl are identical twin sisters. They both have turquoise eyes, blond hair, and around 5.8ft. I 'm starting to wonder they have the same cognition as they know exactly what each other are thinking. I have known them both…

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  • Outwear Trends In The 50s

    This picture is dated December 1963. My grandma is wearing a knee length full skirted black dress, a fur stole, and a pair of black gloves. Fur stoles were a popular style that emerged in the 1950s outwear trends. Even though it came out in the 50s, it was still a popular outerwear accessory in the early 60s. The mid 1960s Sears catalog is advertising a mink stole (Shih, 1997, p.104). The model advertising the stole is shown wearing white gloves with it, which means that it is more of a formal…

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  • Dress Codes: Tips To Look Professional In The Workplace

    ambience and other factors. You may also consider the style your colleagues follow. Usually the style followed by lawyers, government officials and other such professional is formal business attire. However, a lot of offices follow formal dress code all days of the week except for Fridays On certain special occasions the "Black tie" code is chosen. This is seen mainly during award ceremonies or galas. You may go for this look involving a tuxedo…

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  • Reflection On Agnes Naera

    Candice suggests there is a need for a breakdown of the perceptions surrounding work norms in appearance. A common referral during the presentation was to the evolution of female dress through the years. Female dress within a business used to be a long skirt and top which has since evolved to stages where a suit and tie has become more acceptable which is also considered the social norm within a business context. The use of this referral enticed a thought in which I thought of how well…

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  • Compare/Contrast Essay On Teachers And My History

    about. Correspondingly my History teacher always tried to make his classes less monotonous by doing mini memory games. He always separates the classes on groups and ask multiple questions and the groups that answer the greater amount of questions right would it get 5 points for their next exam. Another similarity between my earth science teacher and my history teacher is they were both dress extremely nice. Compare to other teachers, my earth science teacher and my history teacher always…

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  • American Hustle Feminist Analysis

    organize women workers, improving the equal rights on their jobs. By the end of the 1970s, the activists burned out and the women’s movement torn apart. In the later years was when women were getting jobs such as corporate executives, which was beforehand considered a male profession in the 70s and 80s. Yet, there were no well-known cases of how to dress as a businesswoman, therefore, female workers looked at their male co-workers for clues. The pussy bow, which was the female corresponding to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Political Cartoon

    United States, especially with the increase of gun related violence in recent years. In this analysis I will be comparing and contrasting two political cartoons with opposing views concerning America’s gun politics. The first political cartoon that I have chosen to analyse was created by David Horsey and published in Hearst Newspapers in 2011. This cartoon is colored, and divided horizontally into two frames. One on the top and the other on the bottom. In the top and smaller of the two…

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  • What Does The Black-Box Symbolize In The Lottery

    The author of The Lottery, Shirley Jackson, makes use of symbolism throughout her short story to get her intended purpose across to the audience. Throughout the storyline, the image of the “black-box” is mentioned approximately 20 times. This box plays quite a large role in the plot of the story in that the pieces of paper inside of it ultimately determines the fate of one the villager’s lives. Whichever individual draws the sheet of paper from the black box with the black dot on is plagued with…

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  • Four Wooden Sculpture Analysis

    In the painting Four Wooden Sculptures (Vier Holzplastiken) (recto)/ Ice Skater (Schlittschuhläufer) (verso), by Ernest Ludwig Kirchner two visual elements present are color and space. In both pieces, the artist uses the colors brown, black, red, white, green and blue in both paintings. In the ice skater piece, the blue symbolizes the sky, white equals snow, green means the ground, the brown and red colors outline the figure, the black shows the ice skates and face and gives the figure a sense…

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