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  • Health Science Personal Statement

    Unlike most people I hear that are in health science, I have not always known that I desired to be in the health science field. This may sound strange since I am applying to a health science school, but I now know that this is what I am most passionate about. When I started high school, we were presented with many PowerPoint’s, slideshows, and quizzes about what we should do when we got out of high school. Even with all these materials, I still was not sure about what I truly wanted to do. This unknowingness leads me to try to find my future a different way. I started to research careers that I had no familiarity with, like a human resource specialist. I also interviewed people in different fields such as business management. Along with this,…

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  • Health Science Career Paper

    Introduction My plan for this research paper is to gain a lot of knowledge about the career I am choosing to do. I wish to hopefully stick with the career, so I can do bigger and better things along the way. I want to start looking for the college I want to attend to accordingly make a plan with my parents on scholarships and saving money. I want a career path that is going to be greatly suitable for me. Survey Results I think the Career Cluster Survey did a good job on putting ‘Health…

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  • Health Science Career Research Paper

    In the last few years Health Science has become one of the most growing professions there is. With its broad range in occupations and specializations the interest for professionals in the field is booming fast. The need for professionals to provide health care to others will always be on demand. Therefore, Health Science is a good career choice that would always have jobs, opportunity to advance in this profession and will always help other humans with their health concerns.…

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  • Sunnybrook Health Science Center Case Study

    Sunnybrook Hospital & Health Science Centre “We care for our patients and their families when it matters most.” (Sunnybrook, 2017) Sunnybrook Health Science Centre is located in Toronto, Ontario and is currently the largest trauma centre in Canada; their core values are accountability, collaboration, engagement, excellence, and respect. Established in 1948 as a military hospital, Sunnybrook has flourished throughout the years into the successful establishment of the present day, specializing in…

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  • Health Science Program Analysis

    Founded in 1942, located on 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON, with a total of approximately 28,000 students, is Carleton University. The university is surrounded by the beautiful Rideau river and canal. It also has five kilometres of underground passages connecting the university buildings. The program that I am interested in taking is the Health Science program that would take me about four years to complete. Some courses that I would take in this program include the fundamentals of health,…

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  • Summary: Ethical Considerations In Dental Research

    ethical principles that every medical researcher should apply during research processes (UMKC, 2016). These ethical research principles include respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. To apply these principles, medical doctors must provide the following applications: an informed consent, assessment of risks and benefits, and a fair procedure of the selections of subjects. Besides the Belmont report, there are other general agencies that help protect research subjects. These include the…

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  • Speech Pathologist Career

    (Ferguson 498). In this job, one will also address issues with eating and helps to improve their circumstances (Knotts). As soon as they diagnose the patient, they devise a plan of treatment including automated devices and sign language (Ferguson 499). This job is immensely fulfilling due to the direct “one-on-one” contact with patients and the ability to improve their life (Ferguson 498). Though sometimes emotionally challenging, a speech pathologist also works with the patient’s families…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Test In Health Science Class

    As I was laying in my bed, I knew something was not right. When I looked at my alarm clock, I realized that I overslept an hour. I jumped out of bed to quickly get ready for school. By then I knew that this would be one of the longest days of my life. I never thought as I walked out of my house that morning that I would be scared to come back through it that afternoon. I walked through the doors with my best friend as the warning bell was ringing. Audri said, “I forgot about my test in…

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  • Essay On Dietitian

    and tedious. To choose a career like dietetics one must be determined and self-motivated. Organic chemistry and biology play a huge role in dietetics because it is about how the human body reacts to certain foods and the reactions that take place in the body. Several students realize that dietetics is not something they want to go into after taking these classes because it a rigorous course. Also, in order to become a dietitian, students have to have 3.0 GPA and 1200 hours of internship…

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  • Importance Of Laboratory Safety Practices

    INTRODUCTION: Laboratory activities and demonstrations represent an essential part of effective science teaching. Written materials and pictures can convey an enormous amount of information, but students more fully understand the concepts related to science when they participate in or observe learning activities involving laboratory experiments and demonstrations. Although many science activities present potential hazards, reasonable and prudent safety practices greatly reduce the likelihood of…

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