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  • Trump's Foreign Policy Proposal

    regarding his foreign policy proposals (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask). Some people have argued that Trump does not have any specific stance, and some people have argued that Trump would start a chain of events leading to the demise of humanity. However, many of his foreign policy statements might contain some merit, or some of the statements may at least contain connections to some theories and hypotheses. This paper will examine a few of President-elect Trump’s most prolific…

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  • Recapitulation: Opening The Door

    in C major. Measure 174 to 181 is same as the transition in exposition. From bar 182, the chord and key starts to change, but the basic structure is same as the one in exposition. The chord in bar 182 is VI in A minor. But in the exposition, it goes to the…

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  • My Personal Leadership Style

    Personal Philosophy After completing the leadership inventory, I came to find that I had equal amounts of each of the four leadership styles. Personally, I thought my primary leadership style was analytical and my secondary leadership style was supportive. I did not see myself as being directive or adaptive, so I was surprised at the results. By having equal amounts of all four leadership styles, I will be able to use all the different characteristics of these leadership styles to aid in my…

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  • American Overture For Band Analysis

    The two themes, the inversion, and motifs are expanded and played upon. Also during the development, we encounter many different keys. Thru many chromatic sequences and patterns, we pass through D major, C# major, F# major, B major, e minor, a minor, f minor, and g minor. The build up into the recapitulation at measure one hundred ten features familiar passages and ideas. The recap…

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  • Courante Sarabande Analysis

    The courante (“running” or “flowing”) was a French dance whose choreography included bending the knee on the upbeat or offbeat and rising on the beat, often followed by a step or glide. The music is in moderate triple or compound meter and always begins with an upbeat. In many courantes, including the two in this suite, the meter shifts back and forth between 3/2 and 6/4, sometimes with different voices simultaneously implying different meters. Although the composer included two courantes in…

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  • Advantages Of Learning A Second Language In Middle School

    For many us who took a foreign language course for a couple of years in middle school and high school, and perhaps even college, might be able to retain a few words or phrases here and there. Most likely the language you were offered was hard to comprehend and difficult to speak, therefore making the language almost impossible to obtain. For those children who grow up learning a foreign language from a young age and did not start learning a second language in secondary school benefit…

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  • Bilingualism In Education

    to teach it. Education should ensure the development and cultivation of all subjects; reading, mathematics, and science will only bring students so far. “‘We’re talking now about what is it we really want our students to do,’ says Paula Patrick, a foreign language coordinator, ‘It’s no longer a check-off to college admission. It’s a tool for communication’” (“Why Learn”). After the completion of school, students should stand on the threshold of life with confidence and overflowing toolboxes, but…

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  • New Light Canada

    point of history, Canada’s foreign affairs were largely carried out by Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King. According to the study of Neatby about King in then Canadian Encyclopedia (2014), the Prime Minister’s major concern was not the peace of foreign countries, but rather Canada’s unity within the border and autonomy from Britain. It was decided decisively with a majority government that Canada was not prepared to make commitments of money and men to settle foreign disputes for the League…

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  • Should Students Be Required To Learn A Second Language Essay

    their brain able to retain and study information. Imagine a person’s brain being so far along compared to others that it delays the onset of diseases. All of these things are factors students will receive when learning a foreign language. Students should be required to learn a foreign language in school because it better equips their brain, knocks out competitors in the job market, and improves brain health. More and more immigrants are traveling to America each year in search of the “American…

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  • Benefits Of Immigrants

    Foreign born or immigrant is used to refer to people with no U.S. citizenship at birth. Immigrants have played a large role in making America what it is today, rich with different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. Over the years, whoever, the open doors that once allowed those needing a safe home and opportunities has become difficult to get through. Many poor or lower class immigrants are forced to make their way to the United States illegally, in search of a better life. With hopes of…

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