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  • The Raven: A Short Story

    I clutched the nearly full bottle in my hand, the gleaming red label inviting me to guzzle the entire portion. Should I drink it or not? There really wasn’t a point in living, there never really was. I remember when I was younger my dad telling me, after having a shot or two, to never get carried away with vodka. My name’s Raven. My parents got a divorce when I was seven, and my mom lost almost everything. She was broke from being a stay at home mom my entire life, relying on my dad, Jim, for…

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  • Dixie Lee Hayes Character Insert

    Character Insert-Creative Writing Project Dixie-Lee Hayes lay on the ground gasping for breath, scowling at the tree above her. That very particular tree, which she had been previously occupying, was the dark-haired woman's favorite because it grew at an angle and required very little effort to climb. The branches of the surrounding trees were full enough to shade the area but not to obstruct her view of the camp, making it the perfect area for her to people watch after she had finished her…

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  • Informative Speech On Type 2 Diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is a disease that causes sugar levels to rise higher than normal. It also happens to be the most common form of diabetes. With type 2 diabetes the body doesn't make or use insulin properly. The pancreas makes extra insulin to make up for the body not using the insulin already made, but over time, it's not able to keep up and can't keep the blood glucose level at normal. Insulin is the key regulator of the body's metabolism. There are many factors that lead into being a diabetic.…

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  • Missy: A Fictional Narrative

    Missy slapped my arm. “It’s the video they’ve been recording of us before they do any editing.” “Oh.” I nodded, feeling stupid that I still didn’t know all of the movie lingo. Mr. Panky continued, “I’m thrilled to see we’ve assembled the perfect cast.” “Perfect cast, sir?” I said. “Yes, my boy.” He stepped closer to me. “When I was a boy, I hadn’t an ounce of talent.” “You didn’t?” I frowned. This made no sense. Mr. Panky was the ultimate entertainer. He had cartoons, music, and his own theme…

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  • Functionalism In Litchfield Prison

    On the surface, the Litchfield Prison system is extremely dysfunctional, does not provide any structure or regimen for the inmates to follow, and does not serve any purpose in reshaping the inmates, much like any other prison system. From the illegal trafficking of contraband, to the unlawful rape that occurs between the inmates and guards, to the disheartening stereotypical slurs constantly heard throughout the prison, Litchfield Penitentiary does not seem like a place for bettering one’s self…

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  • The Parentice Short Story

    The Apprentice “How long have you been employed, Miss Baxter?” questioned the man who'd previously claimed to be employed by the New York gazette. He'd arrived last night with his expensive shoes and pristine garments, asked for his share of salted pork, then requested the cleanest cot in the whole infirmary. Now he sat with Margaret Baxter, still clothed in her apron that was once as white as snow but now stained with dried blood. Originally, the reporter wanted to pester Miss Clara Barton,…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Deaf Athletes

    communicate with the deaf player or other wise they will be left out. Some teams even develop special tapping codes. The hearing teammates can tap the deaf athlete with a certain code to signal a specific play. For example 3 taps on the deaf athletes forearm could signify the athlete setting a pick on number 3. In 2008 Erich Krogman competed in the New Zealand Deaf Games. He played rugby and cricket with and against hearing athletes and he did not have an…

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  • The Importance Of Weight Training

    exercises. Compound exercises stimulate more muscle fiber at a time than Isolation exercises, and thus provide better results. When you’re performing a bench press for example, it’s not just your pecs that are straining but also your deltoids triceps and forearms. That is why compound exercises reign…

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  • Fitness Testing Case Study

    training (The Progress, 2012). Different tests can be performed when measuring fitness, such as: • Handgrip Strength test o This test is usually set using a handgrip dynamometer, measuring the maximum strength the hand muscle can achieve as well as the forearm…

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  • Advantage Of Weight Bearing Exercise

    The Advantages Offered By Different Types of Exercises Weight Bearing Exercises The main benefit offered by weight-bearing exercises is that it strengthens the bones and helps to prevent the onset of osteoporosis. For those adults who already have thin and weak bones, care must be taken to perform these exercises slowly and consistently. It is never advisable for such people to lift heavy weights, and if you have problems with you balance due to peripheral neuropathy, then you should avoid…

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