Doctor Remission Essay

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Each and every interest is established on intuition and memories. My interest in medicine has begun, even before I became much acquainted with science, when I was hospitalized with Dengue Fever during my middle school. I still remember myself lying on the hospital bed with on and off consciousness, my forearms having felt the teardrops of my mom and my desire to sit up and say her that I was fine although I could barely move any part of my body. Only due to the excellent care and treatment of the doctors, I could recover from that serious illness and could make my mom happy again. That great remission had introduced me with the value of being a good doctor and the desire to become one. Owing to my affection for medicine and my ardor of helping …show more content…
While taking care of the patients there, I learned which treatment should be prioritized when there is a limitation of resources. Education is the most central and valuable thing that doctors can dispense to those in the underserved community. So, in addition to giving the medical treatment, I also made sure that my patients gained adequate medical knowledge about their respective illnesses, from the importance of the compliance in taking a complete course of antibiotics in a bacterial infection to the ways to get a good sugar control from healthy dietary habits in diabetes. Based on those experiences, I could get the picture of the crucial role of doctors in the health maintenance of a community. To become a fully competent physician is one of my intentions as a doctor. Therefore, I decided to take the USMLE exams and to come to the United States, where I can get most advanced medical training and high opportunities for research. And, since my interest and learning of medicine has never stopped, no sooner did I reach here than I tried to get familiar with the United States medical system by observing

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