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  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildfire

    Several terminologies have been used worldwide to describe wildfire or forest fire (e.g. Hardy, 2005; Bento-Gonçalves et al., 2012; Eriksen and Prior, 2013; Mhawej et al., 2015). Generally in the United States, these definitions included prescribed fire - which is a controlled burn ignited by human under a controlled environment and on a limited spatial scale. However, in this chapter, we only focus on uncontrolled fire that occurs in the countryside or wildland. Studies such as Kumagai et al.…

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  • Assignment 1: Network Security

    checks on these services can create serious vulnerabilities and provide unauthorized access to private data resulting in huge financial losses. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to ensure data integrity is not violated through the use of SaaS…

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  • Why The Reckless Survive Analysis

    The risks underestimated are those that contribute to our recklessness as a society. Thousands of lives are lost to reckless decision making, yet incidents keep occurring at higher rates every year. Whether that be smoking, not wearing a seatbelt, or simply stepping into a car, these daily tasks are not considered a threat. Thousands of campaigns have rallied in showing that these risks are in fact a danger, but the campaigns are ignored. At an evolutionary standpoint, our brains were wired for…

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  • The Importance Of Patient Centered Care

    Summary of the Evidence Patient- centered care is an important aspect of the healthcare organization when dealing with sensitive issues. Such care is a representation of the holistic view of nursing. Working as a Risk Manger represents a powerful role for an organization which includes managing the safety and integrity of the clients when facing critical issues. Patient centered-care not only recognizes the values and wishes of the clients and their loved ones, instead, it promotes autonomy in…

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  • Kickstarter: Why Start An Entrepreneur?

    for money, it is not that personal, so it is easier to bear. On the other hand, sometimes, it might be best to just muster your courage and ask your friends and family for financial support. Still, some would argue that this is the easiest way to ruin a relationship, so in the end it is up to you to decide whether this is the risk worth taking. Side Business One of the reasons why a lot of people decide to start their own business is because they are fed up with their day-jobs. However, the…

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  • Heart Failure In Older Adults

    Heart Failure in Older Adults Heart failure (HF) is a preventable, complex, and progressive disease that affects most older adults. The enormous personal and national financial burden of HF is astounding. HF has become a global epidemic affecting over 23 million people worldwide with economic burden estimated at more than $108 billion per year (Dickson et al., 2014). This condition is predominant in adults older than 65, and is a chronic and progressive syndrome often associated with the…

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  • Bursa Malaysia Case Study

    The research objectives this research aims to accomplish are: 1. To determine the possible behavioural factors affecting the investment decisions of individual investors in Bursa Malaysia. 2. To determine the impact levels of behavioural factors on investment decisions of individual investors in Bursa Malaysia. To achieve the research objectives, research questions are raised. The analysis is done by answering these research questions: 1. What are the possible behavioural factors affecting the…

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  • The Importance Of Team Decision-Making

    Team Decision Making Decision making is an integral and necessary part of developing and progressing in a team, it 's a sequence of activities that includes gathering, interpreting, and exchanging information as well as creating and identifying alternative courses of action (Thompson, 2014). Decision making is key for problem solving, creativity and managing ideas - information that is distributed amongst a team must be given equally to all its participants. This information should be integrated…

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  • Cause And Effects Of Elder Abuse

    216). It can involve both intentional and unintentional acts that cause bodily harm or create a serious risk of harm such as emotional abuse, exploitation, physical abuse, sexual abuse as well as the failure of a family or paid formal caregiver to provide an elder under their care with basic needs leading to neglect or abandonment (Lachs & Pillmer, 2004). Canada is home to an increasingly aging society. In 2009, statistics Canada reported that 13% of the Canadian population was over the age of…

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  • Airways Case Summary

    Table 1. The size of the expected losses as a result of risks impact on business reputation of Bank B Type of threats Frequency of losses emergence, % Size of the expected losses, mon. un. 1. Receipt of the credit according to fraudulent documents 1,333 8 316 521,2 2. Partial or complete loss of the credit pledge 15,09 94 145 765,5 3.Violation of an order of loan debt restructuring 7,549 47 097 838,5 4. IT systems failure 7,735 48 258 283,4 5. Shortage of money in ATM cartridges 1,28 7…

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