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  • Parenting: A Domain-Specific Approach

    Protocol Title: An Investigation of Parenting Style and Risk: A Domain-Specific Approach Principal Investigator: Jasmine Gaffney 1. Objectives Describe the purpose, specific aims, and hypothesis: The purpose of this study is to investigate a potential relationship between parenting style and risk. Three distinct parenting styles to include authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive will be examined. Two perspectives of risk, risk-taking and risk-perception, will also be examined. This will be…

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  • The Definitions Of Management: Key Management Concepts

    Fundamentals of Management Introduction As stated by Bateman, Thomas and Scott, every organisation that is committed to accomplishing or achieving specified objectives need to have a set of management concepts (18). The organisation may be a large business or a company committed to another sphere of activity, whatever type of the business structure, they all require the application of management concepts to facilitate both strategic and or tactic objectives. Apparently, large sums of money,…

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  • Athens, Oh Wendy's Cameras: Recommendations

    lowering risks related to IT and unauthorized access in the Athens, OH Wendy’s location: 1. New POS System By updating the POS system, management will be able to spend more time monitoring other controls. The current control of reviewing the POS system for errors is directly related to issues caused by the outdated system that is being used. The system crashes frequently, which causes delays in operation and reduces the efficiency of the restaurant. These crashes also create additional risks of…

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  • Community Risk Reduction Analysis

    Critical analysis of Community Risk Reduction Risk reduction is the modern trend in community as a way to prevent or limiting the dangers from occurring. This program the fire departments should implement will teach and show each hazard or dangerous area within their town. There are a variety of impacts that this program has to the community and fire department. In addition, creating a risk program will provide a strong and highly thought out strategy to tackle this situation. Also, fire…

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  • Xacc/280 Week 1 Software & Company Case Study

    demonstrated a methodology to effectively manage software licenses. The fines associated with each non-compliant event can be $100,000 to $250,000. In most large organizations, the value of mitigating the risk is measured in terms of a premium paid. Would a $25,000 premium be worth it to offset the risk?…

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  • Successful Project Management Essay

    Process, Project manager expertise, Financial Management, Skilled resources, Formal methodology, and Standard tools and infrastructure (qtd. in Baude and Powell 6). There are a couple of these key points that stand out to me. They are Optimizing scope, Project manager expertise, Financial management, and Standard tool and infrastructure. Bonnie states, “The best project managers know how to balance stakeholder communications with preventing scope creep, watch out for risk, and clarify roles,…

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  • Credit Score In Insurance Essay

    Most automotive insurance companies use credit score in determining rates because they see it as a good indicator on the probability of a person to repay the loan in a timely manner. Meaning, someone with a higher credit score is a lower risk to the company because this person is more likely to repay the loan. Also, there is a strong correlation between a person’s credit score and their likelihood of submitting a claim. There has been evidence to support that those with lower credit scores cost…

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  • The Importance Of Injuries In Soccer

    Lower extremity injuries and playing field surface risks in soccer Soccer is an international sport that is quickly growing and gaining player of all ages, genders, and skill levels. With an increase in players also comes an increase in the potential for injuries to occur. It is important to understand and examine the common injuries and their mechanisms in soccer in order to prevent future injuries from happening, as well as having proper treatment plans in place for when injury occurs. Not…

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  • Crescordia's Resorbable Products

    for resorbable products isn’t extremely helpful until they can test the products on actual patients; no further developments can be made on these products until surgeons begin testing the products when operating. Furthermore, Crescordia could also risk losing their great reputation by introducing a poor resorbable product. This is not ideal, but Crescordia has some of the best scientists and facilities in the industry so they should be able to put out a quality product soon if they decide to…

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  • Personal Narrative: Balancing Things In My Life

    I tend to stress out and have bad moods. To minimize future burdens, I consistently remind myself not to hold high hopes; however, that does not mean I cannot look forward to anything. It just means to moderately inhibit the desires to manage any risks of it affecting me negatively. Likewise, if there is an opportunity that could benefit me, I would be less likely to make hasty or careless decisions. This kind of principle came through when my current vehicle at the time had…

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