Factory farming

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  • Upton Sinclair's The Jungle: The Rise Of Socialism

    In Upton Sinclair's novel The Jungle he spoke about the many problems in the early stages of America's industrial age. Some points he spoke on where how the meat factories were very unsanitary and how it made many people who ate the rotten moldy meat sick enough to where it was no surprise that they would die. But Upton Sinclair's main focus was not get the meat problem fixed it was to push socialism and have it established in America so that people did not have to live so poorly and everyone…

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  • Tragedy Of Community Forest Research

    The tragedy of common is the theory of Garrett Hardin where it is the acting of an individual person independently for his own interest and depletes the resources of common in a particular area of land. For example if an acre of community of forest which can hold forty cows are been shared within households of four with ten cows each, and if one of them add one more cow in the same given area of pasture for his own benefit to generate extra income, so does the others too but the pasture can’t…

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  • Symbolism In Upton Sinclair's 'The Jungle'

    of cattle are forced into these small places and are killed to yield a commodity, meat, which can be sold to consumers for a profit. Similarly, tons of foreigners are forced into living spaces much to small to house the number of people, picked by factory owners to be overworked to process a commodity that can be sold to consumers. Even after Jurgis, Ona, and their family have been exploited by officials in America they still hold on to the idealized version of the American Dream; as if by being…

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  • The Jungle And Fast Food Nation Essay

    By comparing “The Jungle” and “Fast Food Nation,” it is clear that the government is untruthful to citizens about the occurrences in factories that provide food to individuals. In my opinion, Schlosser was most successful in motivating his audience to take action because from the moment the character entered the slaughterhouse, the audience could sense there was something very wrong and our exact thoughts got confirmed as the character speaks in great detail of what he is seeing such as the…

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  • Why Do Americans Need To Eat Meat

    Meat has been a food source since the beginning of time. Yet do people really understand the harm it can cause? Americans need to stop eating meat for it causes harm to animals, their body’s health, and to the environment. Firstly, animals are treated very poorly in the livestock industry. The animals aren’t living in a Garden of Eden, they are living in a hell, where they are abused, and mistreated. According to Pomona College, Animals in the livestock industry are forced to live in small…

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  • Personal Narrative-Fairy Farm Land

    I had never been outside of Fairy Farm Land, but I'm pretty sure all the land outside of it was undiscovered. After all, there probably isn't any more than 500 people in the world. I ran through the darkness until I saw the pink sign that read: "Welcome to Fairy Farm Land" and I stopped to admire it. I decided I should clean it before I left Fairy Farm Land for good.I did my perfect three minute wash and continued on my way. It was two am snack time and I was starving. I ripped my miniature…

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  • Veganism Save The Environment

    the scrutiny that they are receiving. Do not be fooled by this, no matter the verbiage used on a meat label, know that it took massive amounts of environmental resources to raise the livestock that provided for it. For example, aquaculture, fish farming, is touted by environmentalist that are advocates for the meat industry. The practice is said to have a modest environmental impact, but it still leaves a hefty carbon footprint. According to Dalhousie professor, Peter Tyemers, “once you add the…

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  • Gustavus David Swift Case Summary

    Gustavus Franklin Swift is known for founding a meat-packing empire in the Midwest. He was in the meat industry from a young adolescent to the day he died. Swift transformed the way meat was transported and one of the first to utilize an assembly line. Gustavus Swift began his life and occupation in Sagamore, Massachusetts. He worked for his older brother that owned a butcher shop when he was fourteen-years-old and was always wanting to find ways to innovate. Two years later his father gave him…

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  • Analysis Of An Animal Place By Michael Pollan

    In Michael Pollan’s “An Animal’s Place” Pollan provides an argument on whether or not Americans should consume animals, and specifically, if the fashion in which animals are farmed and slaughtered respects their capacity to suffer. Pollan illustrates his personal dilemma particularly when he ironically points his debate on whether or not to eat meat began while he was dining at a steakhouse. To develop his argument, Pollan initially exclusively uses the citation of animal rights activists, but…

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  • The Cattle Boom Analysis

    Settlers could obtain 160 acres of land for paying a small fee, living on the land, and improving the land (“The Farming Frontier”). Thus, settlers were flooding into the American West and bringing their cattle to graze on the open range, which was open to the public. As stated, a cattle rancher could graze their cattle for no expense on the public domain and reap high…

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