The Pros And Cons Of CAFO Farming

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It seems to me that in this world people are becoming more and more preoccupied with the food that they eat and unreasonably so if that’s possible. There even seems to be a cold war in effect between advocates of the “organic” movement and those who staunchly defend conventional practices. This proverbial war is being waged vehemently within the realm of meat production. As more and more horror stories circulate about just how the beef in our Big Macs and the chicken in our McChicken come to be more and more people have begun to advocate a better way. This “better way” is the not so new and, as I plan to vindicate, not so improved “grass-feed” approach, as opposed to the conventional Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) raised beef. …show more content…
It is here that I will divulge all of the gruesome details of CAFO farming so as to not instill any false perceptions in my audience that CAFO farming is in any way pleasant. My goal is to educate and argue my opinion without distorting reality. However, I will discuss behind the scenes acts of vicious animal cruelty which also take place in grass-feeding farms which are often kept hidden from people and whose absence portrays that false idea of a plush farms with an air of happiness like that in those Nature Valley Ranch commercials with those children who seem over joyous with eating raw cauliflower and celery stalks. My intent in doing so is to not only highlight the similarly imperfect process that is grass-fed meat production but to also provide a basis on which I will build on another philosophic concept which will somewhat coincide with the former. I simply mean to discuss the reality that humanity is not perfect in its entirety and that is partially due to the complexities of the human condition. In no way, however, do I defend any of the unpleasantness prevalent in human history but it only goes to say that we do our best, and right now CAFO is the best, most economic and most efficient method for feeding an ever increasing world population. The opposing argument oversimplifies the imperfect conditions of life and our position in it and instead chooses to come at this from a sentimental and downright hippy perspective. Grass-fed meat farming is an exaggerated and, contrary to popular rumors, expensive indulgence that I plan to prove is not worth

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