Analysis Of The Omnivores Dilemma By Michael Pollan

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So far in sections one and two of Micheal Pollan, The Omnivores Dilemma, it seems as is all food chains have negative effects on us, the enviorment, as well as the animals we get it from. However that is not true. In this section, Micheal Pollan argues that the food chain called Local Sustainable is the best food chain there is for everyone and everything, they do not use chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticde which is harmful to everyone, they don’t pollute they enviorment because they recyle everything used in the farm and thye don’t burn fossil fuels, and before the animals live their lives as free wild animas should.
One piece of the argument that Michael Pollan sides with-that the Local Sustainable food chain is the best one for us,
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“I could hear the sounds of songbirds in the trees, and also the low clucking of hens. Up on the green, green hills rising in the west I could hear a small heard of cattle grazing. The meadows were dotted with contend animals. Behind them were the backdrop of dark woods…It was an almost too-perfect farm scene” (Pollan 144) Polyace farm almost perfecty fit the descriptions labled to us as a happy farm, and it really was, Pollan described it as the way farms had used to be before the industrial came along, the animals were happy and in tune with nature, as opposed to the industrial alternative. “Buried clear to their butts in composting cow manure, the pigaerators weere a bobbiling sea of wrigiling hams and corkscrew tails. If the pigs can be happy, these were the happiest pigs I’ve ever seen” (Pollan 168). Michael Pollan describes the pigs here as happy-if it was possble for them too be, something that he hadnt seen before, since the animals there are free to do whats in their nature. “Most industrial farmers don’t worrry about keeping things in balance. Their main concern is paying for inputs and getting the most possible outputs. If that means forcing cows to eat corn, even if it is unnatrual for them, then …show more content…
Local sustainable farms, do not use chemical fertilizers or other harmful chemicals to fertilize the grass and grow their food, which is better for the enviornment. They also don’t harm the enviornment by burning fossil fuels, and polluting theirwaste but instead preserve it for other uses. Pollyface farm-the farm Pollan visits that is local sustaiable, does not treat their live-stock and cattle as machines like Industriail or even Industrial Organic but let them roam and live naturally. Pollans purpse for writing this is too inform us about the where our food comes from and what happens too eat before we see it on our plates and too hopefully try and persuade us too make better decisions about our eating

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