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  • The Horror Genre In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    In the opening scene of the 1931 film production of Frankenstein, the host on-screen introduces and warns us of the horrifying tale about to take place. “I think it will thrill you, it may even shock you, it might even horrify you...Well, we’ve warned you” (Whale). Originally introduced in the late 1800s, the horror genre does not arrive upon the American film industry until the early 1930s when pioneer films like Dracula and Frankenstein were first released. Over the years, the popularity of…

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  • Nicholson's Nihilism In One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

    Nicholson’s Nihilism Partly because I’m a Batman enthusiast, I noticed, from early on in this film, that a nexus existed between Nicholson’s role as J.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and his later casting as the joker in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman. In this film’s early development, we learned of McMurphy’s past: five arrests for assault and his most recent arrest for statutory rape – how joker-esque! And only an upstanding joker would find a mental institution more appealing than…

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  • Mr Utterson Character Analysis

    The novel brings out the character of Mr. Utterson as both an exciting character on one end and a flat and boring character on another end. At the onset of the story, the author describes Mr. Utterson as a ''lean, long, dusty, dreary.' This character creates a balance to and offers a rational perspective on the ''strange case'' that has befell his friend, Dr. Jekyll. It is evident that Mr. Utterson works as a lawyer; though the narrative does not reveal what he does on a daily basis. However, he…

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  • Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde And The Time Machine Analysis

    Which Literary Classic is Better? The Time Machine and The Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two pieces of classic literature bound together by the Victorian age. While both stories have underlying themes about the struggle of man, both present them in different ways. The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, presents its struggle of man as a society where each class of peoples is against each other, being thoroughly influenced by politics of the time. Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case…

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  • Key Elements Of Morality In Perfume, By Patrick Süskind

    Introduction Morality is one who conforms and follows the moral standards. The main protagonist named Jean-Batiste Grenouille in the novel Patrick Süskind, Perfume: the story of a murderer, defies such standards. The character is a man obsessed with scent and strives to acquire what he identifies as the “master scent”. In order to obtain such scent Grenouille commences murderous behavior upon young victims, specifically virgin girls as he is lured by the purity in their aroma. Set in 18th…

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  • Mister Socrates Novel Analysis

    Choi Jin-won directs and pens ‘’Mister Socrates’’, not a typical gangster film, but a movie that combines comedy, crime, drama and social commentary. The main character is Ku Dong-Hyeok (Kim Rae-won), who is a high-school drop-out and low-level thug. He shows no respect for other people, he has no ethics and he just loves to beat people. One night, while he reports the accidental murder of a friend of his, by another friend, he gets kidnapped by a gang. He is kept in an abandoned school and,…

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  • Similarities Between Dr Jekyll And Hyde

    in the street. The action of hitting a child is surely an evil deed and it can’t be regarded a normal action rather downright madness. Later when Utterson himself encountered Hyde; he described him as something like ‘‘troglodytic’’ (2011: 20). The face of Hyde evoked hatred and disgust and fear to both…

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  • Visionary Madness: The Case Of James Tilly Matthews And The Influencing Machine

    A Visionary Madness: The Case of James Tilly Matthews and the Influencing Machine was written by the author Mike Jay and tells the story of James Tilly Matthews. The story provides us with a vivid picture of the psychiatry, political and social aspects of the late eighteenth-century and shows the importance to present incidences of madness, conspiracies, mind control and manipulation. Matthews was introduced to the audience reading the book by interrupting a debate in the House of Commons. He…

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  • Heart Of Darkness Imperialism

    Heart of Darkness is a modern novel written by Joseph Conrad. It is one of the finest works of Conrad which shows his power as a writer of great luminosity, passion and complexity. The story Conrad depicts in ‘Heart of Darkness’ is based on the real backdrop that happened during the time of ‘Leopold II of Belgium’. The second king, Leopold II set an eye on Congo and colonized Africa. He brings out the sufferance of the people of Congo under the rule of Leopold II. People were enslaved, exploited…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

    “The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is a novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson who is a Scottish writer. This novel is based on a secret that hides behind what’s seen and presented to the reader as a person very similar to the Evil, and very mysterious: Mr. Hyde. In fact, mystery and secrecy are what Stevenson uses to catch the reader’s attention and to make the plot interesting. Mr. Hyde is introduced at the very beginning of the book, just like Dr. Jekyll and almost immediately,…

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