Factitious disorder

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  • Factitious Disorders: A Case Study

    Diagnoses in medicine involving deception are some of the most difficult phenomenon’s to detect: factitious disorder, malingering, Munchausen syndrome, and Munchausen by proxy. As a starting point for diagnosis and treatment, doctors rely on reported symptoms in order to accurately detect the problems with the patients. When patients give misleading information, consciously or unconsciously, doctors and physicians are unable to accurately diagnose the patient (Dyer & Feldman, 2007). This phenomenon is commonly known as factitious disorder, which the “DSM-IV offers two inclusion criteria: physical symptoms are intentionally produced, and the patient’s motivation is to assume the patient role” (Krahn, Li, & O’Connor, 2003). Factitious disorders…

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  • The Glass Home The Good Mother Character Analysis

    Factitious Disorders: Portrayed on Film The media portrays characters with psychological illness differently than a psychiatrist or psychologist. Movies are made to be sold and thus, characters with mental illness have a negative stereotype or more negative. They are not depicted, correctly. Almost having identical tittles, The Good Mother and The Glass House: The Good Mother are separate movies. The characters are portrayed having Factitious Disorder. The diagnostic and Statistical of Manual…

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  • Münchausen Syndrome: A Case Study

    Hospital Hopper Münchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder in which a person produces or lies about physical symptoms for sympathy and attention (Prakash, Das, Srivastava, Patra, Khan, & Shashikumar, 2014, para 1). There is another form of this disorder called Münchausen by proxy where the person will lie and produce symptoms in another who is under their care, such as a dog, an elderly person, or a child (Münchausen syndrome by proxy, 2013, para 4). They may go as far as to cause harm to…

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  • Malingering Case

    Malingering is related in some ways to somatoform disorders and factitious disorders. However, there are also distinct differences. A patient with a factitious disorder like Munchausen’s, does not pretend to be sick in order to get drugs, money or disability. They lie, exaggerate and actually make themselves genuinely ill in order to be a patient. According to (Conroy, 2006) a person who is malingering is behaving intentionally, which means it is done with conscious awareness. Therefore,…

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  • Bodily Integrity Identity Disorder Case Study

    BIID, Bodily Integrity Identity Disorder, formally known as, apotemnophilia (love of amputation), is “a psychologically based condition in which an individual has a fantasy of having a missing limb”("Apotemnophilia ", 2016). In patients diagnosed with BIID who do not receive the surgery they need, the desire to have an amputation is so overbearing that they will go to extreme lengths to conduct the operation themselves. Patients have been known to “pour drain cleaner into her [their]…

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  • Dissociative Amnesia In Roxana's Vignette

    The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5) (2013) proposes nine differential diagnoses to consider when considering dissociative amnesia as a diagnosis: dissociative identity disorder (DID), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), neurocognitive disorders, substance-related disorders, posttraumatic amnesia due to brain injury, seizure disorder, catatonic stupor, factitious disorder and malingering, and normal and age-related changes in memory. A diagnosis of DID can be ruled…

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  • Sleepwalking Trial

    something we often hear;There are few known cases where parasomnia is used as a criminal defense. I am going to give you the background and a bit of information on sleep disorders and why they should not be used in criminal cases as a defense and why certain disorders are so dangerous. Parasomnia and paraphilic disorders are relatively new studies in Washington state and around the country. Parasomnia is a classification of sleep disorders including but not limited to arousal disorder and other…

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  • The Positive Impacts Of Social Media

    nothing else does. Social media promotes a lot of businesses and provides them with the income that they need to become a thriving company in today’s modernized world. The technological age revolves around the more interconnected world that social media and the internet has created for itself. Social media is also said to keep people updated with the events around the world. Although all of the above things are true, do these things really outweigh the negatives? Social media is being literally…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Argumentative Essay

    stress of his brother Allie’s death three years prior. Readers can observe Holden’s thoughts, and see how he changes over the course of three days as he breaks his limits. The Catcher in the Rye takes place in the late 1940s, right after the end of World War II. The war had profound effects on the world around it, and Holden takes notice, finding many things wrong with the new world around him. As the novel goes on, the reader is forced to question Holden’s mental state. A widely accepted…

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  • The Dangers Of Euthanasia In Medical

    As studies have shown that “93 to 94 percent of those committing suicide suffer from some identifiable mental disorder (Source G). To elaborate, people who have mental illnesses are likely to make distorted decisions and unlikely to register the implications of their decisions. Patients, who are considering assisted suicide should be checked for mental illnesses such as depression that may incline them to give up on their own life. Furthermore, mental illnesses such as depression are…

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