Münchausen By Proxy

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Münchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder in which a person produces or lies about physical symptoms for sympathy and attention (Prakash, Das, Srivastava, Patra, Khan, & Shashikumar, 2014, para 1). There is another form of this disorder called Münchausen by proxy where the person will lie and produce symptoms in another who is under their care, such as a dog, an elderly person, or a child (Münchausen syndrome by proxy, 2013, para 4). They may go as far as to cause harm to another, all to gain attention from medical staff. This is considered a form of abuse.
Both Münchausen syndrome and Münchausen by proxy are rarely diagnosed because it is difficult to tell if symptoms are real or fake. Medical staff must be very observant and look for repeating symptoms, as well as symptoms that are not correlated, and no causes for these symptoms have been found through testing (Criddle, 2010, para 25). Most patients who suffer from this disorder also have knowledge about the medical field (Münchausen syndrome by proxy, 2013,
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Comparing the written answers to the previously stated multiple choice questions, it seemed as if many may have simply guessed. This lack of effort proves that humans are mentally wired to desire the quickest way to “finish the race”. One interesting way we can confirm this allegation is by observing the answers of those who chose "healthcare" as their occupation. 17 participants stated they work in the medical field, yet only 10 of those gave an answer supporting their past knowledge of the disorder; all the while, 2 participants guessed and 5 indicated they did not know. Although 98% of respondents agreed that there should be specialized training, it seems as though there is not much information known about mental disorders among the population, even for those who do work in

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