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  • Reflection On Reinvesting In Arts Education

    Analysis ("The Elements of Dance," May 6) and The Artist’s Toolkit (“The Artist’s Toolkit,” May 6), however there are two things that will continue to be invaluable as I move towards my professional career in programming - facilitation experience, as well as integrating arts into non-arts content. It was incredibly rewarding to plan and perform two facilitations throughout the semester. Through these facilitations, my partners and I had the opportunity to practice our public speaking, explore the impacts of reflection and collaboration, and immediately get feedback on what we did well and could improve on. In professional settings, presentations and facilitations are very common ways to share progress and, thanks to my practice in facilitations, I am prepared to succeed. The other important topic is arts integration. I learned through course readings such as “Reinvesting in Arts Education: Winning America 's Future Through Creative Schools” that the arts are powerful tools that increase retention rates in content that can be hard to absorb. By understanding the potential of arts integration and by applying arts integration through my facilitations, I have become more effective at learning new material and teaching it. All-in-all, I am pleased with the experiences this course and teachers have given me and this course’s content will…

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  • Facilitation Reflection

    As a practicum student at YMCA Finch Scarborough center, I have learned many different techniques when it comes to group facilitations. I shadowed three different employment resource specialists and observed the techniques they used when interacting with clients. I especially enjoyed learning their styles of how they taught clients during workshops. Furthermore, I have practiced and tried their styles of coaching into my own workshop facilitation. For example, before I used to present by reading…

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  • Social Facilitation Theory

    The Effect of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy on Social Facilitation A plethora of psychological phenomena play a role in the lives of students, which have an impact on students’ performance. Students adhere to the rules and expectations of their schools, parents, teachers, and society. In the early stages of the American school system, such as elementary schools, most students have a single teacher that teaches them all subjects. Teachers play a large role in the overall success of the students, and…

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  • Criminal Facilitation Analysis

    Ratio Decidendi: Judge Rebecca Steinman and the jury find Mason guilty of Criminal Facilitation because he commits both the actus reus as well as the mens rea in aiding the murder of Doctor Vinton. Criminal Facilitation Rick Mason is charged and found guilty of criminal facilitation by the judge in court. As stated in law, “A person is guilty of criminal facilitation in the first degree when, believing it probable that he is rendering aid to a person who intends to engage in criminal conduct,…

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  • Facilitation Skills Reflection

    Purpose and Planning As discussed in this week’s reading, facilitation skills are integral to a successful social work group, and these skills are to be developed in the group sessions that are taking place throughout this course. The group sessions which will be occurring throughout the semester, are incredibly beneficial to future social workers. As we develop the ability to apply what we are learning in our textbook, to real life. Discussing group dynamics, and actively participating in a…

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  • Importance Of Trade Facilitation

    http://eds.a.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?sid=8f54265b-2ed0-40a6-afef-a05f00940680%40sessionmgr4010&vid=0&hid=4210&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRl#AN=3112185&db=bch Introduction What is trade facilitation? Trade facilitation can be examined as limited and extensive context. The term can be viewed from distinct or multidimensional aspects. In confined and distinct view the Trade facilitation refers to advancing the movement of goods through own duties which concentrates on…

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  • Facilitation And Bribery Case Study

    This essay is anchored on the issue whether monetary engagement, necessary to expedite business operations between business operators and government regulatory agencies, is grounded with ethical foundation of facilitation or an act of bribery. Furthermore, this article aims to tackle the concept of cultural and ethical disparities underlying facilitation or bribery. Also, this author would like to explore universal tenets of business ethics which would theoretically govern the ethical dimensions…

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  • Facilitation Skills Analysis

    another colleague. Similarly, teachers may have differences of opinions on which ones are the most important. The bottom line, teacher leaders, possess a set of skills and dispositions that enable them to do their job and make a difference in the classroom and the school. When I think of my teacher leader skills and dispositions, my skills in order are collaboration skills, planning skills, facilitation skills, and evaluation skills along with my dispositions that are optimism and enthusiasm,…

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  • Class Facilitation Analysis

    Class Facilitation Assessment • What steps did you take, and when, to prepare for the class session? What additional steps if any, do you in retrospect wish you’d taken? To prepare for my facilitation, I carefully assigned readings I thought would be useful/helpful to students who had and had not seen a lot of Disney movies. Throughout the semester, I set aside time to watch a few Disney movies I hadn’t seen, as well as re-watched movies I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I felt it was important…

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  • Mini Facilitation Experience Essay

    Mini Facilitation Experience Reflecting on the mini facilitation experience leads to clarity on what went well, what improvements can be made, and what techniques should be applied in the future in facilitation situations. To begin, the facilitation activity that was presented was called, Two Planets. Each team lives on their own planet and with this, they have a lot of their own resources, however, they need another resource, but this resource is only on the other team’s planet. Objective of…

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