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    Fact checking is an important process in establishing the validity of the articles and enhancing the reputation of the outlet itself. I thank New York Times for being a strong proponent in this field and upholding the values of good journalism. A case that I would like to mention is the Pizzagate scandal. As you may have already known, Pizzagate involved an accusation against Hillary Clinton amongst others as being part of a child sex ring; this scandal caught on like wildfire and the workers and the boss, James Alefantis, of Comet Pizza received a great deal of death threats and attacks. This case is an extreme example of the controversy caused by the lack of fact checking because, as you and your team have dubbed it in your article on November 21st, it involved fake news that was baseless in its claims and exploited pictures of children in various odd positions as “proof” that the pedophilia ring existed. It was later proven false in a Snopes article on December 4th that showed how these pictures were manipulated to serve malicious purposes. The damage that resulted was irreversible. In my lectures, the three facets that are to be upheld when presenting a journalism piece are verification, independence, and accountability. When either of them fails to be present, the piece is no longer qualified to be called journalism. Fact-checking is the linchpin in fulfilling the verification role. The issue that arises is whether the audience is aware whether fact-checking was…

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  • The Influence Of Advertising In Advertising

    dress pop much more. She likewise holds a Versace purse. This is a pattern in Versace promotions in light of the fact that that is the thing that the organization considers excellence. This may be simply a commercial, yet it additionally does as such substantially more. It makes an impression on young ladies that resembling a model is the perfect approach to be viewed as excellent. It might be astounding to see that ladies appreciate the ideal bodies being indicated in the…

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  • The Boston Photographs By Nora Ephron

    response around the country was enormous, and almost all of it was negative” (Ephron 717). A significant amount of readers rejected the idea of publicizing the photographs because the photos exposed social flaws and moral truths. The photographs are powerful, and Ephron describes them collectively as “pictures of death in action, of that split second when luck runs out, and it is impossible to look at them without feeling their extraordinary impact and remembering, in almost a subconscious way,…

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  • Disengaged Trainee Essay

    The discipline on a disengaged trainee is a thought-provoking concept on an account of when new information is presented to employees it is for the simple fact that this information is important for their future with the company. A trainee should be eager to learn any new knowledge that is provided from the company, moreover showing an appreciation for the company will make a good impression. This impression that the individual is making will show that their personal skills, knowledge, abilities…

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  • Beyond Autonomy And Beneficence Analysis

    in the latter part of the essay, act as a crucial pivot and play a central role in this regard. He further resolves the issue of beneficence that effaces as a result. “In Dutch health care, the physician-patient relationship is based upon deliberation and mutual agreement.” Through means of this, Widdershoven arrives at a conclusion that euthanasia, as practiced in the Netherlands, does indeed have a moral ground, transcending the primitive opposition between autonomy and beneficence.…

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  • The Importance Of Multiplication Facts

    Understanding of multiplication facts is essential to have down by fourth grade. Knowing the times tables and being able to fluently recall immediately is needed throughout the entire year because of PA Mathematics Standards beginning with multiplication of multidigit numbers. There were students in my fourth grade classroom that had yet to be fluent with their multiplication facts, and it was necessary for them to have it down, for everyday mathematics and for the PSSA’s. I discussed with my…

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  • Reshma Saujani's Speech 'Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection'

    organization. Reshma Saujani believes that girls are scared to take risks. In fact, the purpose of her speech is to raise awareness about how girls are being taught perfection instead of bravery. She believes since girls are taught that perfection is important they will only attempt things they know they can succeed at. Reshma Saujani’s speech is very relevant to her audience, easy to understand,…

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  • Antithetical Characteristics Of Truth In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    up similar arguments to those in O’Brien’s novel, which work to further demonstrate the veracity of the idea that truth is arbitrary. This idea that truth is subjective and can vary is supported by the fact that there is both “story-truth” and “happening-truth”. Sometimes, a story may not depict the exact actions, but rather makes up something to convey the real emotion of the situation. Although the events are made up, it is still the truth. When talking about telling stories O’Brien…

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  • Comparison Of Technology In The Shallowss By Nicholas Carr

    Your brain on the internet, a statement that has been argued for almost a decade; between supporters of technology and non-supporters alike. A particular voice on the opinionated debate, Nicholas Carr author of The Shallows, voices his opinions in such a way that some consider him to be completely against technology; when in actuality Carr is only warning us of the effects it can have on our brains. The Shallows is a book that engages the reader in a very innovative. Inside the text, Carr uses…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Importance Of Taking Test

    confidence in themselves. While in the other hand, the other people are nervous and stressed on what is going to be on the test or even just the score they will earn. The way I approach tests is with confidence because a person should never doubt themselves no matter what type of situation you are in. In addition, I always say to myself “If I pass I pass if I fail well then try again”. My mentally is everybody’s future is already laid out, we just do not know how it is going to be or when it is…

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