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  • Greek Financial Crisis Analysis

    countries at that time, joined the Euro in 1999. While in the 1990s, the Greek government was experiencing a budget deficit that causes a devaluation of their currency (Drachma) because of mismanagement of funds; they were spending a lot of money in their public sectors due to good credit rating that the agencies give them, in which the banks and investors were willing to lend them cheap loans of money. This economic mismanagement led Greece to adopt the Euro in 2001 in which “Greece became the…

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  • Currency Crisis In Zimbabwe Analysis

    When the Europeans colonized Africa, they did little to ensure that the colonies would be self-sustaining after they left, no less even stop to think that they might eventually leave. Thus, when the last European powers officially drew out in the late 20th century, these previous colonies were left to handle themselves with little outside help or guidance. This led to violence, chaos, and a rotation of crises across Africa. Particularly in Zimbabwe, where Prime Minister Mugabe gained power in…

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  • Austerity And The Global Financial Crisis

    Euro is launched- In 1992, the European Economic Community was established with the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty. The euro was introduced and has been adopted by Eurozone countries in 1999. National currencies started to be substituted with the euro in 2002 and the euro became the official currency of the Eurozone. The Global Financial Crisis- Although the U.S. economy had formally dived into recession in 2007; the sudden collapse of the investment bank Lehman Brothers catapulted…

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  • The Eurozone: The Greek Debt Crisis

    When something so dramatic as a crisis happens, it is a common practice to look for a party to blame. With the implosion of Greek economy and the start of the European sovereign debt crisis in 2009, people looked for a place to point accusations. The question of whose fault exactly was the Greek debt crisis is a complicated matter, one that brings to light the problematic power dynamics employed in the eurozone. From 2009 until now the crisis has evolved, exacerbated by the capitalistic control…

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  • My Major Academic Goals

    Living in America, and more specifically Wisconsin for my entire life has made me extremely excited for a chance to go abroad. At Madison I have the opportunity to go abroad and explore a new place. The fact that I have the opportunity to experience Vesalius College for a semester is the main reason that I want to go abroad. It is a special privilege to have this opportunity, and I intend to take full advantage of being abroad by accomplishing things that will help me have a fantastic time in…

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  • Define Foreign Currency

    Codification Definition of Foreign Currency FASB ASC Topic 830-10-20 defines foreign currency as, “A currency other than the functional currency of the entity being referred to (for example, the dollar could be a foreign currency for a foreign entity). Composites of currencies, such as the Special Drawing Rights, used to set prices or denominate amounts of loans, and so forth, have the characteristics of foreign currency.” What the Codification Requires for Disclosure ASC 830-20-50 provides…

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  • Brexit's Impact On The Economy

    is still growing, experts still project their economy will fall. In the long run, Britain’s decision could pave the way for other countries to leave the European Union. This could lead to the collapse of the Euro—which would send the economy into a downward spiral. Immediate Impacts…

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  • Euro Disney Case Study: Euro Disney

    Euro Disney is a case study of the result of when a company’s culture conflicts with a national culture. Euro Disney chose France as the location to build its theme park, and Disney dreamed to gain revenues and become successful as it did in Tokyo Disney Park. Disney forecasted the project by locating the theme park in French because it is a very popular destination for vacation; French has five weeks for break versus the United States has only two to three weeks of break. Also, the location in…

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  • Bitcoin: Currency In The US

    In the 20th century people would have to go to their bank for all their money needs, but with the change of technology in the 21st century everything became a bit simpler. People no longer have to go to the bank to transfer money, they can just go online or make a phone call, and with the invention of credit cards transactions are now easier. With the blink of an eye our society has change with the help of technology. One thing that hasn 't transformed much is the form of traditional currency in…

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  • How Does The Dollar Affect The Economy

    Decrease of Value in American Dollar and Other Currencies and its Impact on Society Over the past years the values of currencies throughout the world has fluctuated. This event of reduction has had an immense impact on our nation. “A currency devalues when its value declines in relation to one or more other currencies.” (Devaluation Definition) Due to the expansion of the money distribution, America’s currency has taken a negative turn. The graph below by,(Why Bitcoin Value vs. The Dollar Doesn…

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