The Pros And Cons Of European Refugees

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According to the reading material that we read during class, European countries will have a favorable impact on the their economy if there refugees are accommodated, reducing the burden of caring. So are there more other benefits? And what are the disadvantages?

What are the good influences of influxing refugees?

Many Europeans recognize that refugees are depriving them of their jobs. However, according to the EU report, the influx of refugees from 2015 on the future will be positively analyzed. So what is the basis for the EU claims?

The first evidence is that the influx of refugees can solve the problem of decreasing possible future population due to low fertility, one of the biggest problems in European society. According to the interview with senior counselor of Corvinus University
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55% of European citizens in the European Union are opposed to Middle East refugees. Most of them argue that the influx of refugees will have a negative impact on the European economy. So what is the basis for that?

First, the influx of refugees is one of the reasons for the increase in the unemployment rate. The government wants immigrants who are "doing economic activities and paying taxes" to make economic activities and pay taxes, but immigrants to the people suffering from lack of jobs are now regarded as rivals who can easily raise social unrest and take jobs in the labor market. In particular, there is a strong concern that the low-wage simple labor force can quickly threaten the lives of low-income earners

The second reason is that the burden of the people will increase. From the moment of arrival, refugees compete with local citizens for limited resources such as land, water, housing, food and medical care. According to UNHCR(the UN refugee agency), an increase in demand for groceries and other commodities can lead to price increases in the market, and it can stimulate local economic activity, but it does not benefit the

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