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  • Pros And Cons Of Technology Ruining English Language

    McWhorter 2013). Caroline Tagg, a British linguist agrees with McWhorter and adds that in texting, verbal phrases such as “erm” and “oh” are being used, just as people use them while talking to each other informally (Richard Alleyne 2009). Also emoticons, ’smileys’ or visual descriptions of emotions are added to texts to make them more emotional and to convey facial expressions, since the two people are not able to see each other at that moment. On the contrary to instant messages, other written…

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  • CAP Analysis: Professional Communications

    Please respond to 6 of the following 7 questions with an answer of approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of a page. You will be graded on the content of your answers, as well as the clarity of your writing. Refer to the readings and class material in your answers if you think it is appropriate. 1. What are the three elements of a CAP analysis? Why is each element important in professional communications? The three elements of a CAP analysis are context, audience and purpose. Context refers to the situation…

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  • Homosexuality In Oklahoma

    Marriage is defined as “any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities”. (“Marriage”) In Oklahoma, we think of it as some form for only a male and female to become unified. We Oklahomans are the 9th in the Top Conservative States in the United States. Being so conservative and being in the heart of…

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  • The Impact Of Technology: The Evolution Of Modern Telecommunication

    For example, texting has produced abbreviated jargon used in regular banter, and this style of chatting has become ingrained into conventional language. If someone does not know how to properly respond to a text, they can easily just type LOL or an emoticon, and it is viewed as a sufficient reply. Technology has made exchanges so barren, it has dumbed down conversation by limiting a person 's expression of thought to the options technology provides. Due to this shorthand form of articulating…

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  • Essay On Alienation

    “The screen is taking over our lives” Alienation is something that is all too familiar these days with the constant use of technology. People are starting to feel more and more alone even when surrounded by a group of people. Technology has come a long way over the past few years. People can communicate with others all over the world with a click of a button. We have so much technology and information at our finger tips and most people are constantly on their phones that when actually in the…

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  • Effects Of Social Networks On Teenagers

    How Social Networks Affect To Teenagers “How has social networks affected to teenagers?” This is a question had been asked since long time ago, from when social networks have appeared in this modern life as parts of our bodies. Everything has its own positive and negative effects, and the media networks are not exceptional. People always just care about the positive effects. Meanwhile, they neglect the negative effects of it, which are should be considered as well as the positive ones.…

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  • Infidelity Case Study

    Infidelity is a common occurrence in contemporary society. Only a short time spent at the workplace water cooler or reading the daily newspaper will disclose stories of unfaithfulness. From the middle class, blue-collar worker to elite, influential leaders in government, no one is immune from the influence of infidelity. No relationship is secure. Infidelity occurs in marriages and in committed relationships among both heterosexuals and homosexuals. Studies have shown that approximately 70% of…

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  • Cell Phones: A Social Media Analysis

    phone garnered fame amongst people of all ages thus deterring the path and intentions the designers had for the phone in the beginning (Flew and Smith, 2014). Designers began putting a higher emphasis on messaging, bringing in more features such as emoticons and the ability for the sender to upload and forward a variety of multimedia to the receiver. In fact, the text message rose so high in popularity that many emerging…

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  • The Role Of George Justified In Of Mice And Men

    Best Friends Until the End Imagine having to kill your best friend. In Of Mice and Men, George made a hard decision which was if he should kill his best friend, Lennie. George killing Lennie was justified because had to think about Lennie’s life ahead if he didn 't make this choice. George making this choice was right because Lennie had unknowingly brought a threat among people, Lennie had died much quicker and painless, and Lennie was basically George’s responsibility. In John Steinbeck’s Of…

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  • Technology's Influence On Language And Communication

    In the age of advanced technology, the world has grown dependent on the devices that make our lives more bearable and enjoyable. As for its influence on our language, it has introduced new words, changed meanings of others, and created new forms of language and communication. A prominent example of this is the development of abbreviated communication and how it has changed the way we converse with others. In the article “The Flight from Conversation,” author Sherry Turkle talks about how…

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