Social Media Influence On Teenagers

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Social networking has the influence on the growth of teenagers
Social networks have a great influence and affect the mind of teens today. Nowadays, the Internet has become more embedded in teenager 's life, and the social media is changing their ways of communication. Studies show that in Europe 73% of the 13-14 year olds and 82% of the 15-16 year olds has a profile on a social networking service (Livingstone, Haddon, Görzig& Olafsson , 2011). The social networking sites connect strangers and friends together, and incorporate various communication tools, such as Facebook, Instagram and photos shared with other users. Social networking has the influence on the growth of teenagers in three aspects, including communicative approaches, security
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Social media sites allow teens to accomplish many of the tasks that are important to them to communicate online, making new friends, sharing photos or videos, and staying connected with friends and families. Moreover, the social networking service enhances the collective creativity through development and expressing ideas, which makes every individual has ability to question the society and to step outside the socialization from a new perspective. However, one of the most obvious negative effects of social networking is losing the ability of face-to-face contact with other people because teens prefer to texting on the virtual network rather than communicating with others in the real life. The reason is that teenagers are willing to register the social networking services because others do so as well. Some of teens have Facebook earlier, other teens begin to understand the function of it and then follow them. This behavior is formed by the idea of structure because these teenagers register social networks because the influence by their …show more content…
Social media participation also can offer teenagers more opportunities that extend their understanding of society and enrich their relationships with others. For example, the teenagers can create their ideas through writing blog or posting videos. Moreover, Middle and high school students use social networks to connect other students on group discussion or assignments. Many social media programs allow students to gather the information and share the ideas outside of school about their projects. Some schools use blogs and social websites as teaching tools, which can post the assignments or course contents and even can set up a communication between teachers and students. It is a beneficial thing of to develop learning skills, written expression, and creativity. However, some teenagers who often use social networks may have a poor command of the language. The study indicates that young people are increasingly prone to texting by using cyberspeak but also less permanent forms of communication (Greenhow& Robelia). Teenagers can use shortened words, abbreviated words and emoticons to communicate with other users. Frequent users are more likely to adopt. This style of communication in their daily lives can interfere with their ability to command or write proper English.
In conclusion, social networking service has the influence on the growth of teenagers, which includes ways of communication, security issues and

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