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  • The Wounded Angel Analysis

    Rg Gregory a British poet who was inspired by Hugo Simberg's painting "The Wounded Angel" wrote: “Those who bear the wounded angel are they honoured or destroyed? Far beyond their comprehension are the warfares of the void” The Wounded Angel evokes a serious and gloomy atmosphere, well no wonder, as the painter is Finish after all. Finland has a long history of wars and its people had gone through so much pain and sorrow. The sadness is palpable in the Finish spirit and it is often referred to…

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  • Queries Of Rainforest Poem Analysis Essay

    In “Queries of Unrest” written by Clint Smith, the author thoroughly conveys his message of darkness, death, fear, and power by his strong use of repetition, symbolism, and imagery. Throughout “Queries of Unrest”, Smith uses many literary terms like repetition to get his message of the poem out. For example, he uses “Maybe”, “darkness”, “scared”, and “cry for help” many times in his poem. When he uses these words and phrases he uses them to express doubt and fear about his life and what he’s…

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  • Snovel Oscar Williams Analysis

    The stark differences in globalization, connectivity and technology between the 20th and 21st century become evident as one reads Oscar Williams’ poem titled “ A Morning in the20t hCentury”andAlbertCamus’snovel“ T hePlague”.Williamsinhispoemmentions the typical sounds that have come to represent that time. He speaks of the “spiral of dark sounds” of a train, milk bottles, horse’s hoofs and a truck. He talks about the wide reach of Europe’s “helpless hands called newspapers” and war that has…

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  • Human Destruction Of Nature And Death In Report To Wordsworth By Gillian Joyce

    ‘Report to Wordsworth’ by Boey Kim Cheng and ‘Lament’ by Gillian Clarke share the common theme of human destruction of nature and death. In “Report to Wordsworth”, Cheng explores the damage of nature caused by men and their reckless attitude, while "Lament” explores damage from the Gulf War. Cheng shows the theme of human destruction of nature as a response to William Wordsworth, a poet who celebrated nature’s beauty in his poetry. It is written ironically in sonnet form, as sonnets are…

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  • Auto Wreck Poem Analysis

    “Auto Wreck” reveals what its poet considers to be the terrible secret of modern life: the creeping indifference toward technological determinism, the simple violence of machine against human being in which everyone participates by failing to be troubled or moved by such disasters as automobile wrecks. The tone of the poem is likely to be melodious which an imagism verse is. It is a short, lyrical narrative poem. The poem is described in first person narrative. The poet in short is trying to…

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  • Still I Rise Poem Analysis

    Compare and contrast the way the poets explore the theme of discrimination in ‘Disabled’ and ‘Still I Rise’. Both poets portray the theme of discrimination expressing their memories about key moments in their lives. Owen faced World War 1 at a young age and saw enough pain and suffering for more than a lifetime. On the other hand, he still gained experience from this and shared the loneliness of discrimination with other people. Angelou, however was abused at a very young age which saw her…

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  • Ball Turret Gunner Paraphrase

    In “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,” the usage of metaphors and imagery throughout Jarrell’s poem helps the reader understand the overall theme of how war can cause death and wreak havoc in a young person, how can be a struggle for the soldier’s family, and how disappointing it is when a man doesn’t reach his full potential in life because of being forced to go to war. Jarrell uses key words throughout his poem to show us how war can be a terrible thing, especially for the young people…

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  • Naturalism And Realism In The Red Badge Of Courage

    1. Crane wrote “The Red Badge of Courage” with the intention of refuting the glorification of war. What’s fresh about this book is that Crane uses two type of fictional writing; naturalism and realism. This book is different from other books written about war. 2. I believe that the passage written by Crane deeply describes what the soldiers encountered during the bloody chaotic battle. As a reader, I think Crane’s book is much more interesting, thrilling, and easier to relate to. Crane’s story…

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  • Ernie Pyle's 'Columns And Hiroshima': Poem Analysis

    Ernie Pyle’s columns and ‘’Hiroshima’’ both resonated with me because they discuss the aftermath of events within World War II. Both of these works were a reminder that war is an absolute tragedy where nobody wins. The amount of casualties that occur and land that becomes ruined during a war isn’t anything to be proud of. It’s never an event that people like to read about because of the destruction and death a country must face. However, that’s what I find to be incredibly intriguing about both…

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  • Analysis Of Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, is a story about war and the lost generation told through the perspective of a soldier. Some books attempt to romanticize or cover up the true face of war, but, All Quiet on the Western Front is an example of what being on the trenches was actually like. Throughout the story, Paul goes through many struggles equally physically and mentally scarring. All Quiet on the Western Front is an excellent demonstration of the Lost Generation because…

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