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  • Global Food Waste

    Reducing the amount of global food waste is essential. Using examples, discuss the main solutions to this problem. There has been increasing concern about food waste in recent years. As the global population is rising fast, reducing the amount of global food waste has become essential to make sure everyone will have enough sustenance to survive. According to Institution of Mechanical Engineers (2013), it is estimated that 30-50% (1.2-2 billion tonnes) of all food produced worldwide is discarded…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Solar Water Heaters

    Reconciling the goals of energy security and environmental protection requires strong and co-ordinated government action and a favourable consumer attitude. G-8 leaders meeting with the leaders of several major developing countries and heads of international organizations including the International Energy Agency (IEA) at Gleneagles in July 2005 and at St. Petersburg in July 2006 called on the IEA to “advice on alternative energy scenarios and strategies aimed at a clean…

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  • Mechanical Engineering: Ethical Robotic Enhancements

    Ethical Robotic Enhancements “Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities” (“Enhancement Quotes” , 2017). This quote by Leon Kass, an American physician, is about how humans can break through our physical limitations through the innovation of technology and by doing so also stimulate economic growth. Mechanical alterations to humans could greatly improve human life by expanding human abilities through robotic enhancements.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Iraq

    My Trip to Iraq We’ve all heard the saying the journey is worth more than the destination, but is it really though? From the past experience, I can assure you that that’s not always the case. My last trip to Iraq was very unreal, in a bad and good way. The trip, or the “journey” there, was one of the most tiring trips I ever had. So it all started off when my parents Enas Dkhan and Rasoul Hassan decided that we go to Iraq during summer break that year. They bought the tickets in January and…

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  • The Growth Effect Of Globalization And Economic Growth

    economic, financial, trade, and communications. The concept looks at opening up local and national markets to other countries through an interconnected and interdependent world that enables free transfer of capital, goods, and services across nations. Critical Evaluation Globalization has managed to integrate different world economies, including people and companies in different countries. The concept has eliminated a lot of restrictions on exchanges across borders and has resulted into an…

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  • Globalisation Advantages And Disadvantages

    increasing power of multinational corporations on a global scale. The objective of this process is to secure a stable economic status, social integration and constant development for people of all countries, rich or poor. Globalisation offers companies the possibility to sell their products in other countries than their…

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  • Essay On Slavery In The Middle Passage

    Slaves were stacked on top of each other during the packing process. Taken from their homes and family’s straight into the bondage of enslavement, slaves were whipped and beaten until they complied. One slave ship physician, Dr. Thomas Trotter, described the slaves as “locked ‘spoonways’ and locked to one another” (Document C). Slaves were chained together in the hold to prevent possible rebellions against their white abductors. It was very uncomfortable for the slaves in the tween decks, for…

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  • Philippe Legrain's Perspective On Globalization

    In the contemporary sense, social globalization is defined as being the increasing interconnectedness around the world, in both societies and economy. The way that nations interact is through modems such as media and technology, which allow for easy access to knowledge and interpersonal communication. This is strongly associated with identity, in that individuals in separate societies are able to share religion, beliefs, and culture with the rest of the world. The source is a strong proponent of…

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  • Analysis Of Amartya Sen's Capability Approach

    measures, medical services and educational policies have led to their remarkable achievements in the capabilities of survival and functioning’s (Robeyns, 2003, p.26). What does this application teach us on capability approach? First, ranking of countries based on GNP per capita is different than those based on selected functioning’s. Second, a growth in GNP per capita should not be equated with growth in living…

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  • Goals And Goals: The Millennium Development Goals

    and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. Goal 9. Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. Goal 10. Reduce inequality within and among countries. Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns. Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. Goal 14. Conserve…

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