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  • Story Of The Yorkshire Ripper Analysis

    “The Story of the Yorkshire Ripper” This is the story of Peter Sutcliffe, a man who was known as “ The Yorkshire Ripper”. He was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempted to murder 7 more women. Peter chose female prostitutes as victims, not caring the age or race, or having any preference whatsoever. Peter was born June 2, 1946 in Yorkshire,England and his parents were Kathleen and John Sutcliffe. Many of his family members thought he would be just like his father who loved to watch and play sports, was alcoholic, and loved the pleasures of life. Instead, Peter was the opposite. He was a very shy and quiet boy who had no interest to play outside with his brothers and sisters. Peter would rather read and be with his mother than be with his father. Peter was accused of having affairs with his mother by his own father because he spent much time with his mother. But it was his father who has having the affairs, being a large,buff and an outgoing person. Peter hated school with a passion and would try to evade going there. Many believed it was because he did not make many friends which caused him to be a target to bullying. e had horrible grades and chose to drop out of school when he was 15. Peter had an interest about going inside the wax museum because they introduced him to the sight of visceral disease (???). Peter’s issues as a child were very rebellious and was severely bullied because of his appearance. All…

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  • Case Study: The Yorkshire Ripper

    Peter William Sutcliffe otherwise known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper ' was arrested on January 1st, 1981 after a murderous spree which spanned five years and claimed the lives of 13 women and attempting to murder a further seven (see appendix for details of victims). The case engulfed the nation as one of the most brutal in modern history since that of ‘Jack the Ripper ' in the 1800 's hence why the media adopted the term ‘Yorkshire ripper ' when addressing the case. Although known for the heinous…

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  • Telemedicine In Nursing

    patients. The role of nursing and informatics in the advancement of stroke care is endless. The additional technology, data, and logistics must be managed and adapted to the health care field provide as well as a neurologist who must be able to efficiently operate and order the treatments needed to save the brain. The nurse’s role further extends to tracking the data produced in these trials and adapting the treatment and usage to maximize its results and preventing it from being a…

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  • Why Study Law Personal Statement

    different audiences. This is a key quality to have as in every aspect of Law; dealing with emotional, misunderstood and vulnerable people is part of everyday life. Most importantly I have analytical skills which are required in Law especially when analysing evidence to present at courts. Lawyers are required to work along many other people. Team working skills are extremely important and I am aware of the team working skills I have shown will definitely contribute to my chosen course. An example…

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