Glocalisation Analysis

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>>What is glocalisation?

We all familiar with the word globalisation, which is a process of exchanging and integration. It could be seen in many aspects, such as politics, economic, culture, society and environment. But what is glocalisation? Does it related to globalisation? Glocalisation is a combination of "globalisation" and “localisation".
When globalisation combined with localisation, it becomes glocalisation. This is a new concept that describes a product or service is customised locally to fit the local culture and habits.

>>Why glocalisation?
The reasons are simple ! If you don’t understand enough the local market, how can you compete with others?

>>How to glocalisation?

-Research cultural differences
Different places have different
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Its price is low, the stores are large, the shelves are tall and the decoration isn’t delicate enough. It developed its new market presence in South Korea in 1998 and 2002 in Japan. But a few years later, Walmart decided to sell all their stores in South Korea to local company after losing 10.4 million USD in 2005. It wasn’t a surprising news to Korean people, because they think it was not unique. Besides, they like shopping at places which are more exquisite, costumers prefer going to specialties stores than retailers like Walmart, which almost sells everything. Similar situation happened in Japan too. Instead of frozen food, Japanese like fresh foods, so Walmart wouldn’t be their first choice to shop for groceries. Also, a Japanese company bought the stores from Walmart in 2006. For the identical reasons, Carrefour failed to run their business in those two countries. The key points of why these western companies failed to run their business are that they insisted on bringing western culture and management model. In addition, they ignored they way how people do shopping. Eventually, their arrogance and blind insistence led to the …show more content…
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