Cruciate ligament

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  • Dental Hygiene Assessments: A Case Study

    disease. Patient had sites with class I and II mobility which indicates the degree of attachment loss. However, there other numerous factors that contribute to this condition. As the patient had no adjacent and opposing teeth to 25, the periodontal ligament and bone undergoes remodeling. Tolle (2010) states excessive occlusual force (e.g. clenching) can cause secondary destruction (acting on already diseased periodontium) of the supporting structures. Patient X has a strong muscle which adds…

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  • Cricothyrotomy Research Paper

    Surgical Breathing Saving a life is no easy task. To make things worse is when you must cause the patient more harm to allow their body to function properly or when dealing with a problem that can’t be seen. Which is why a Cricothyrotomy is such a sensitive topic. Even a minor slip up can cause the patient to lose their voice or could even cause them to bleed out. That’s why it takes the utmost patience, focus, and diligence. To begin you need to check your patient for vital signs. So, start…

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  • Knee Structure

    Hoehn, 2013). The ligaments are what keep the knee in place and allow us to move and be mobile. This structure is also the most vulnerable because it is the part of our body that bears the most weight and pressure and needs to be flexible in order to maintain its purpose. We need our knees to support our body weight, have the ability to perform a squat and even something as simple as walking (Sanville, Nicholson, & Driscoll, 1994). The main parts of the knee are bones, ligaments, tendons,…

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  • Football Injuries

    Sonal Bhatia and Manpreet Kaur Foundations of Literature, Honors Mrs. Bahna 10.06.2017 RACES/Outline Risk Factors of Football Types of Risk Factors Internal Injuries Concussions ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) External Injuries Lacerations What are the risk factors of football? The name itself sends jitters of excitement down the spines of Americans. It is a sport loved by almost everyone. From its famous quarterbacks to wide receivers, Americans adore this sport more than any other.…

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  • Knee Trauma Paper

    Background: 23 year-old male Division I football athlete presented with gross swelling to the left knee. He was in extreme pain and reported to the Athletic Trainer that he believed that his leg was broken; no obvious deformity was present. Subject had never sustained a traumatic injury and had no previous or current medical conditions. Subject was removed from the field and further evaluated by the Athletic Trainer. Mechanism of injury was unknown and due to the severity of pain the subject was…

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  • The Knee Joint

    it is a result of extreme force on to the ligament itself (front squats). The Medial collateral ligament (MCL) and Lateral collateral ligament (LCL) prevent the femur from moving side to side. They both also protect the knee from being bent open by stress applied to either side of the knee. Professional athletes who have major knee injuries, specifically in the NBA and NFL develop an injury in one of these 4 ligaments. An injury in one of these ligaments can end a promising star, or dominant…

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  • Concussion In Sports

    be fun at sometime but it is still dangerous.This sport is dangerous because you can get a bad head injury called a concussion. Basketball injuries are not better basketball injuries are mainly in your leg like your Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL)(“Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia”), Baseball injuries are not the greatest injury a baseball can be thrown at 87 mile per hour or 90(MPH) to your face baseball injuries are terrible Doctors are trying hard…

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  • Popliteus Muscle

    existence of the poplitofibular ligament (PFL), which attaches the PT to the head of fibula, is variable. The PFL was found in all knee specimens and considered to be constant attachment in a study done by Wadia et al (2003). Ishigooka et al (2004) identified the PFL in all 78 knees, and it was classified as type one or type two PFL according to the number of layers. Similarly, in Zeng et al (2011) study the PFL was present in all cases and recognized as ligament or fascia in 87.7% and 12.3% of…

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  • Narrative Essay On College Football

    enough force, it tears”. I had torn my anterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral ligament and meniscus in the state championship game. The average full recovery time from an injury like this is about 8 months. I had college camps, for prospective athletes, to go to. I was supposed to get bigger, faster, stronger. I was supposed to be dominant next season. All these ideas came to an abrupt end when a MRI confirmed that I tore essential ligaments in my knee, an injury that has ended many…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career In Physical Therapy

    Hello, my name is Emi Iwao and I have been working in the physical therapy field for 5 years. During high school I took a sports medicine class which interested me in the body and how it works. I knew right away that I wanted my career to deal with sports medicine and began researching. I applied to many colleges but finally decided on Central Michigan University because of the high reviews on their physical therapy program. At Central, I got my four year bachelor’s degree and then went on…

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