Cruciate ligament

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  • Left Knee Case Study Essay

    DOI: 4/1/2016. Patient is a 32-year-old female receiving clerk who sustained injury to her left knee resulting to a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and medial collateral ligament. Per OMNI entry, he underwent surgery on 07/13/16. Per the PT daily note dated 10/20/16, IW has attended 5 sessions for the knee. Based on the progress report dated 11/11/16 by Dr. Woodson,, the patient reports that her pain is dull and throbbing in nature. She rates the level of her pain as…

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  • Knee Protesting Theory

    Proprioception is defined as the “cumulative neural input to the CNS from mechanoreceptors in the joint capsule, ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin” (Beard et al 1993). There is loss of both stability and proprioception in the knee following an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) (Barrett DS 1991). The afferent nerves are responsible for proprioception arise from the ligaments, capsules surrounding muscles and skin (Grigg P et al 1982) activating muscle contraction, which may be…

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  • Case Study Of Anatomy And Physiology

    in addition to being freely movable. It is not a true hinge joint as slight rotation is possible when the knee is flexed. This joint has intracapsular structures which add to its strength. Two ligaments cross each other in the centre of the knee joining the tibia to the femur. These are the cruciate ligaments. If you look at the shape of the articular surfaces, you will see that the rounded condyles of the femur sit on the flat surfaces on the condyles of the tibia. Two crescent-shaped…

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  • Case Study Rugby Injury

    level and became one of the first full-time professional women’s’ rugby players in England. During one of her training sessions, Maria felt stiff before warm-up and did not see the tackle coming which led to injury; she raptured her anterior cruciate ligament and tore the cartilage in her left knee during a training match. This happened when she was in the process of buying a house with her boyfriend Michael which eventually led to Maria getting stressed. As the injury progressed, Maria…

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  • Snow Sports Injuries

    Australia is a haven for snow sports lovers. And while these activities are extremely fun and pleasurable, they can also cause serious injuries, due to various factors. Worst of all, most types of snow sports injuries cause trauma, with the hazardous terrain, lifting accidents, collisions, and falls being the primary culprits. Taking part in these activities when you lack sleep or rest, overestimating your ability level, using faulty or incorrect gear, fatigue, and failure to abide by the…

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  • Analysis Of Tackling The Canine Obesity Crisis

    Over recent years, pet dogs have becoming fatter and fatter which is leading to suffering worldwide. Dr. Charlotte Brassey is an animal biologist as well as veterinary service owner who is concerned for and wants the best for dogs that the human race calls their best friends. Through her article “Tackling the Canine Obesity Crisis”, Dr. Brassey uses many forms of rhetoric effectively to convince her audience of others in her profession around the world to take action in the resolution in this…

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  • Visual Performance Observation

    INTRODUCTION Injury prevention is an essential aspect in the services athletic trainers can provide their patients. Strengthening muscles, improving balance and coordination, and increasing flexibility are all measurable outcomes that can be achieved by the athlete. Despite these efforts to prevent injury, assessing and predicting injury in athletic populations is not an easy task, as several variables need to be taken into account in order to obtain an accurate prediction. One such variable is…

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  • Trauma In Rugby Players

    Supination will results to damage in the lateral ligaments, pronation will results to damage in the medial structure and rotation damage to the syndesmotic. Swelling immediate inferior to the lateral malleus will be signalling injury to the ATF and swelling above can be resembling syndesmotic or fibular…

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  • Evidence Based Practices

    Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction” (Cupal and Brewer, 2001, p.1) uses quantitative data. Quantitative research is the “use of numerical measurement and analysis which can then be statistically analysed to determine whether a relationship existed between the two” (Gratton & Jones, 2004, p.21). The advantages of using quantitative data are that it is relevant to the subjective population as it aims to focus on athletes that have the same injury of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)…

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  • The Importance Of Scientific Research In Sports Therapy

    Introduction In the following essay I will be explaining how important scientific research and evidence based practice is within sports therapy by using four separate sources to provide adequate support for the points made. Evidence based practice and scientific research are highly important in sports therapy as they help improve and provide proven techniques and assessments for a sports therapist to use in their day to day practice. Berg and Latin (2008) stated that “Research, simply put, is a…

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